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  1. My better half was home and signed for it.
  2. Was pleasantly surprised to see it waiting for me when I got home from work tonight. Ordered Wednesday delivered next Monday, great service from Amazon!! Now the fun begins.
  3. Wow, I was lucky. Ordered one from Amazon US last Wednesday and all went through ok. It is now on its way here!
  4. For sale: Region B: Kings Of Leon - Live at the O2 - $22 posted Watched once
  5. Update from above - still have the following for sale: REGION FREE The World's Fastest Indian (US release) - $22 The Rock - $24 REGION B Bridge To Terabithia - $23
  6. I have the following blu-rays for sale. All are in mint condition and include postage in padded bag. REGION FREE Across The Universe - $20 (SOLD) The Guardian - $15 (Pending) Pearl Harbour - $24 (SOLD) The World's Fastest Indian (US release) - $22 The Rock - $24 A Few Good Men - $24 (SOLD) Rolling Stones - The Biggest Bang - $26 (SOLD) Ocean's Trilogy (US release) - $40 (Pending) REGION B Bridge To Terabithia - $23 Behind Enemy Lines - $24 (SOLD)
  7. Region B/Free for sale: Oceans Trilogy (US slim case edition - Region free) - $55 posted Rocky - $20 posted Dan In Real Life - $15 posted - pending Wanted to buy: Madagascar (Region B/free)
  8. PM sent re Dumb and Dumber.
  9. Yes - but yours was a Region A version that will only play on modified players here. I have sold a Region B version of WALL-E that is not released here until mid January. Some people like me are prepared to pay a premium to have a title earlier than its local release which is why I paid a similar amount for my version (before the Amazon UK 3 for 2 deal was in place). Lets keep this great thread to title trading instead of sh*t canning everyone who is deemed to be charging what they feel is a reasonable price. At the end of the day we are all wise enough to differentiate what is value and what is not!
  10. UP FOR SALE: WALL-E - New & sealed - Region B - $50 - includes postage. SOLD (Thanks for the feedback!!) PM if interested.
  11. FOR SALE: WALL-E (2 BR) imported from UK - Region B (New/Sealed) - $55 (inc. postage in padded bag). PM if interested
  12. I have the following blu-rays for sale: PLANET EARTH - REGION B (5 DISK) - $75 (SOLD) ZZ TOP - LIVE FROM TEXAS - REGION FREE - $20 (SOLD) Both items have been watched once and are in mint condition. The prices above include regular postage in padded bag. PM if interested.
  13. PM sent re Batman Begins
  14. Hi all - great thread. I have the following Blu-ray titles for trade or sale (all Region : - The Wild - $20 delivered [sOLD] - Chain Reaction - $24 delivered - The Day After Tomoroow - $24 delivered [sOLD] - Rocky - $22 delivered - Rocky Balboa - $22 delivered - The Guardian - $20 delivered I'm interested in the following titles (must be region free or : - Shine A Light - The Bucket List - Independence Day - Phone Booth - Batman Begins - Robbie Williams - Live at the Albert. PM if interested. Cheers ekkaj