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  1. Ohh that doesnt sound promising - this is what I wish to do as well if I get this model! No worries on all that Honest John - cant help you with the MAC stuff either as windows is more my area.
  2. So how did you go Honest John price wise? any chance of a receipt so I can hassle myer with lol. But grats on the new toy!!
  3. Hahah thanks for the offer - Yea I am in Brisbane, but I think I will lean hard on Myer for a deal so I can use there 1000 days on the old myer card as not quiet ready next week to fork out cold cash. So in saying that If I get some freakin spare time from work I shall ask what sorta deal can be done for "two"
  4. Any chance for a copy of receipt then? As that would help Honest John and myself with our negotiations for sure (plus anyone else after one of these). I to am like Honest John with at that price I would just go the TV and not worry for extended warranty
  5. Thanks for that I am curently working on deal for $1400 including delivery - just waiting to hear how much for an extended warranty. If I get this shall let you know.
  6. Honest John you mentioned your best deal was $1520 - Have you purchased yet? Just curious as I am bout to buy one as well this week and wouldn't mind a copy of your receipt for some price matching
  7. thanks for that - might have to have a look at the samsung at that price! to many choices these days heheh
  8. I see JB is offering the Panasonic 54" S10 Eco Plasma for $1996 until the 19th April. Just not sure if its a "good" buy or better off dropping 4" and trying to get the 50" V Series from DJ
  9. Garincha Just wondering how you went if your reception problems?? - Just curious as i live in the same area and am having similar issues to you, I am hoping you found someone decent (that I could use maybe hehe) and all is sorted