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  1. The usual problem with MLXXX posts on quality. You haven't seen the original so you don't know how much the quality is reduced. Suprising you are quoting a lower data rate for TV programs which also contain sound when you won't accept it for radio. Has it ever occurred to you that it was 12 Mbit/s because the codec as measured your line to that speed and that's why it is sending that speed? If you had a 100 Mbit/s line it may have sent it faster? Alanh
  2. Abc's Double J is has the greatest number of DAB+ digital listeners nationally. Alanh
  3. TEN like the other most but not all of the other stations do not have outside broadcast vans anymore. They contract these program out. Some of these contractors do have UHD cameras and production facilities. eg. Sony also makes OB vans in Newcastle NSW and they have access to UHD equipment. Alanh
  4. The ACMA requires translators to transmit an identical signal on a different channel to the parent transmitter which in this case is the Canberra transnitter on Black Mountain. SThe point is that translators do not change the content which is why I stated what happened in a translator to prove this. So I saw Prime7 news from a translator repeating the Canberra main signal then CWulf would have seen it too if he was watching at the same time and on the same logical channel 60 in Canberra or any ot the other Canberra translators. If he didn't do this at the same time then he cannot comment. Alanh
  5. hrh, Simple there is no regional news in WA or SA at all and in Riverland and Remote SA no news at all from Nine. Alanh
  6. hrh, My post is relevant because the translator I was viewing was in the Canberra hinterland must have an identical program to Canberra. CWulf is suggesting I saw a special program which was not available to all of those in the Southern Tablelands including Canberra. If CWulf was watching when I was he would have seen it too. Alanh
  7. If you work in the industry is it the broadcasting end? Since Prime is not making any public announcements on the presence of channel 60 they can experiment as much as they like. I only found it because I went looking for it. You can doubt as much as you like. You have not asked Prime if they have told Mediahub to put the channel 7 news on channel 60 on the night I watched. I just don't like people who contest what I saw. Not 7Mate which has no news on channel 60 but 7 news identical to channel 6. I have worked in the technical side of TV and radio for more than 20 years and I can recognise when two channels contain the same program. It is about time you found out rather than casting allegations which are untrue. Alanh
  8. Cwulf, You obviously don't work in the industry. Prime is not advertising or promoting HD so they can do what they like provided it doesn't radiate outside its channel allocation. Remember I saw it, not all your supposition. By definition a translator consists of an off air receiver which has an intermediate frequency output at around 36 MHz, This signal is fed into an upconverter to the output frequency, amplified to the required power and radiated. There is no alterations to the signal at all except the carrier frequency. Your lack of knowledge is dangerous. As I said the program was Prime7 and was identical with the exception of the resolution. I suggested the rescan because some people relabel their channels on their TV to more familiar numbers. I have relabeled all HD channels to their SD names so I only have to push the channel up or down button and watch all the HD versions not the SD versions. ie select 2 the TV shows channel 20 instead, I have seen plenty of HD and I have very good eyesight. If you missed the broadcast hard luck! Alanh
  9. PCWulf, Which translator I was watching is irrelevant because they cannot demodulate the signal, only frequency shift it. Remember that Prime7's headquarters is in Canberra, so they could be testing the system so the bosses can see it. I have already reminded another poster that I reported what I saw on the date I posted. I have left the area, so if they changed it back after testing I would not know. I note that both Freeview and Yahoo7 TV guides when set to Canberra, neither mention any Prime7 HD or 7MateHD. I suggest that you do a receiver reset and rescan. Alanh
  10. Obviously the pair of signal are not in phase due to the reduced level of signal increase and the reflections causing the increase in errors. Whilst the ideal is to have equal lengths, the reality is that not all cables have the same delay characteristics. Alanh
  11. Digitalj, Channel 60 in Canberra is not redirected to 7mate because 7mate does not contain news bulletins. Remember that Prime7 North Coast comes from a different outlet from MediaHup complete with location applicable advertising. In Canberra Prime7HD is downscaled to SD prior to transmission on channel 6. Some TVs you can relabel channels so for example you select channel 6 on the remote control, but the TV actually selects channel 60. Alanh
  12. Ron, Please read my first post I saw the HD with my own eyes on that day. I should add that Prime7 headquarters is in Canberra. 7 Qld has nothing to do with Prime7, as they are different companies. Alanh
  13. Adrian, You only get the 3 dB increase when the signals are inphase with each other. A wavelength is 300/signal frequency in MHz. The combiner cannot compensate for the phasing. You need to make small adjustments in the length of one cable to the combiner. Gosford is horizontally polarised making the phased array the best choice for blocked paths. Alanh
  14. The resolution of the screen determines the number of pixels on the panel. The larger the panel makes the individual pixels bigger so that there is still the same number of pixels. The bigger the screen the further you should be from the screen so the deficiences will be both as obvious in both cases. Alanh