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  1. But yet again, we need a 10 metre cord to get the 10 metres to my room. Also I don't want to have to uninstall the antenna and get a new one. So how do we go about amplifiers?
  2. We have a 1/2 a Metre cord, do you think that we would get more reception from that? And what about amplifiers?
  3. Seeing as I don't have enough posts to start my own topic, i'll just post the issue in here. I live in the Algester area of Brisbane, with a Supernet 8000-T PVR Single Tuner (I think its a single tuner?). We get no signal at all with the antenna inside the roof, so we tryed the Hidden Menu > Set mode to AUS and save settings. And then unplug the power and plug it back in we get a reception of either 0 or 10-11.3 max (signal strength). We have tried an VHF/UHF/FM Indoor antenna with the same and the occasional spike to about 15-18 signal strength. Our nearest transmission towers are at Mt Coot-tha broadcasting ABQ, TVQ etc. and we are about 19.88 kilometers away from them with no major buildings or hills in the way, just houses and small hills. We aren't in the shadow of any mountains and we have no above ground powerlines. The set top box got enough reception in the room next to ours, but not ours? What would be the easiest/simplest/cheapest way to improve reception quality? (Options where we don't have to buy anything are preferred ) By the way, the setup is as follows: We have our Conia Television with the Supernet 8000-T PVR on top, and on top of the STB is the indoor antenna mentioned before. We have the 3 AV cables running from the STB into the TV's back AV ports. We have a 10m cord running from the STB out to the computer area and into the wall socket (which leads up into the roof antenna). What's the problem?