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  1. Glad that you are getting so much enjoyment. Fruits of your labour and thought.
  2. Agree. Amazon have really got their act together ATM. Tracking on almost all orders from both the US and UK, with very acceptable delivery times Just wish that the US $ was a bit better for us Aussies
  3. I was thinking the same thing. Might make a good ouija board Back on topic - Tony ray, you must visit the "bass busters" thread for more LFE titles to blow you away
  4. Looks very professional. You obviously fancy a game of chess! What has been your best sub experience so far with the new unit?
  5. That link is correct, as it says that I purchased this item, but I am sure that the artwork was different when I did. Definitely included the 3D BD on the cover - same as the Bluray.com artwork http://www.blu-ray.com/movies/Passengers-4K-and-3D-Blu-ray/170451/ Very strange!
  6. PASSENGERS - US Release - 2.39:1 - DTS HDMA 5:1 - Region Free Watched this today and was pleasantly surprised by the content. Fabulous visuals (up there with Oblivion) with an interesting blend of sci fi, lite comedy, romance and drama. Of course, the stunning sets, digital art and the two leads were excessively nice to look at, so slow story sections didn't pose much of a problem. The audio was excellent. I purchased the UHD/3D BD/BD combo, but only the UHD sported the ATMOS track. The 5:1 mix was, however, very adequate with some nice bass and the wonderful score by Thomas Newman was skillfully blended through all channels. FILM: 3.8/5 PQ: 4.8/5 AQ: 4/5 I will certainly revisit this - choosing my 3D version. It was amazing to look at with excellent technical aspects an ultimately romantic storyline so suitable for all
  7. For older titles, I have decided that the most effective way is to post the discs (and possibly) artwork only. No Amaray cases. The postage costs for large letters, is becoming prohibitive as (:)) mentions above. Plus, I really don't like looking at titles I no longer want sitting in the shelves - because it's not worth selling them. In most cases, can't even give them away! Anything under 5mm thick is considered a small letter and can post via snail mail for $1. Anything over 5mm thick is regarded as a large letter and is charged on a sliding scale (depending on weight) to post. Obviously, a newly released title would warrant faster postage and better packaging.
  8. Do not use soap and water. Lightly vacuum the filter with your brush attachment. Look through your manual. There is a section on cleaning and maintenance - Page 85 on. Page 87 for the filter. Hope you get it sorted.
  9. Have you checked your lamp hours? It may be time to clean the air filter. Have you tried to restore to factory settings using "initialize all"? Just a few thoughts. I have one of these. Will check through the menu later - may get some more ideas.
  10. I used it to construct/create my current 141" 16:9, timber framed screen Wanted a flat profile so my masking system would work to best effect. Seems a shame to contemplate throwing the rest away. The aluminium section is super strong.
  11. We had 2, framed, one sheet posters at the rear of our old HT room. Both with non reflective glass. There was never an issue with noticing light reflection and the NR glass diffuses light very well. Now that we have a dedicated HT, although originally planning to have posters at the rear side walls, I changed my mind whilst building and went for the minimalist look - leaving all art-work in the foyer area (as Peter the Greek suggests). Also leaves your rear walls open for acoustic treatments etc. A possible source of reflection from the rear wall could be when using 3D glasses. The inside rim of the glasses, may pick up some light from the rear. Another concern may be from sound reflection and possible vibration when the SW is working hard. If possible, when you get your posters framed, make it so you can insert a different poster for a bit of a change. I have made all my poster frames and back-lit boxes myself. With a large original collection, I regularly change the exhibited work
  12. Looking great! What will be your first film?