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  1. Can't comment on the 105, but I would discount the value of the 'D'. love my 103D, but would be happy with a 103.
  2. SNA - stereo.net.au very large classifieds section
  3. there was a rotel 5 channel amp going on sna. i use an anthem mca50 - good value compared to the a5 and p5
  4. damn - I missed this - I love my now 7 years old T2-C. Benje
  5. blairy are you still doing firmware updates? I have stopped. benje
  6. Blairy I did a bit more 'testing' this morning on my OPPO 93/Denon 3808a with HDMI and SACD multi-channel. I use a remote which switches a lot of gear on at once. If I select Blu-Ray (OPPO) after I have already had the system on (eg to watch foxtel), then the OPPO will be performing a second handshake since turn on. I don't get a problem then. If I select the OPPO (blu-ray) as the first choice when I fire up the system, then I do get a problem. If I just select the OPPO a second time whilst I have a problem, it forces a second handshake and the problem disappears. Now, what is it that is playing when the problem occurs? The vision on screen says 5.1, but what I am hearing is left and right channel. Note that I am not hearing the stereo track - I believe I am hearing the left front and right front of the multi-channel track. I was playing Billy Joel's 52nd Street, which has quite a lot of the vocal in the centre channel. I could hear very little vocal when the problem was occurring. Switching between the stereo and multichannel options doesn't do anything, as the multi-channel reverts back to just the front left and front right of the MCH track. Forcing a secondary HDMI handshake clears the problem. Hope this helps. I'll post this on AVS as well. best Benje
  7. thanks Blairy - will be interesting to see why and wher this goes. I see the thread on AVS. At this stage, I am not considering firmware solutions - it dosn't bug me that much yet. Benje
  8. well, there is some info for Blairy. Only an issue on hdmi with an oppo 95, and my issue is with a 93 and hdmi into a denon 3808! I can probably try the oppo 93 analogue now, as my surrounds are a fairly good match to my fronts, and the volume level of the sub is pretty well matched as well, and the frequency roll-offs of the 5 speakers are pretty good and similar. I had some rears which were 5db louder than my fronts for a while. I am sure some of my analogue stereo friends will have great fun telling me which system sounds better - analogue without adjustment or hdmi with the denon using audyssey. I might have to get a series of 6 cables to do the connection. Benje
  9. dea, blairy yes, I have 'thought' that the problem lies with the denon, somehow. I will see if my RF remote has a pure direct button for on/off (so my wife can do it). I reckon I can do this simply from my laptop with denon control (I can't use the denon remote, as I don't have line of sight to the denon receiver which is in another room). The frustrating thing is if I go into the denon menu system, and the denon thinks it is stereo, I can't select multichannel output. If the denon thinks you have a stereo output, you are stuck until you can convince the denon otherwise. I haven't had any success with changing the oppo output, so that says to me that the problem is in the denon. And, the three people (so far) have all got a denon/oppo combination. No-one seems to be having the problem with a different receiver brand. However, I expect dea is having the issue with analogue connections with the denon (as he is using a 95, whereas I have a 93 via HDMI, which is what I think Blairy is using). Is that right dea - analogue connection and problems, or is your issue only with hdmi as well? Benje
  10. blairy I am having similar problems as well, also with an oppo 93 and denon 3808a connected via hdmi. TV Screen says it is playing the 5.1 layer, but the denon on-screen display and my ears tell me that it is stereo. I can 'tweak' it back to mch, but it involves a bit of work - haven't worked out what I do each time but I get there. Will be interested to see what happens here. Benje
  11. as posted earlier, I have had problems with my multi-region chip install, have had two attempts at email and have returned my chip. I tried again with Casper this week, and got a response within 24 hours, and apparently have a new chip in the mail. A different approach worked - I took the advice from here (? or somewhere) and did an email thaat was linked to my original order from tridane's website. I had my order number, but needed a password which the website sent me quite quickly. Anyway, I clicked on my order, saw the area to do an email response about my order, and got a 'casper' email in return the next day. I had failed miserably trying the general email accounts at Tridane - Casper suggests those might be getting blocked by his spam filter... Anyway, it is starting to look like good news. Fingers crossed. Benje
  12. I returned mine in the mail - am hoping for a replacement to arrive, but I emphasise the 'HOPE' aspect. I am assuming (hoping?) that my package is in the Australia post backlog pile, waiting to be distributed. I am also thinking that I might start believing in the Easter Bunny soon. If nothing arrives soon, I expect I will put it down to experience, I might give the bank a call and I expect I will contact a local supplier to do the local instal. Disappointing, but worse things happen at sea! Benje
  13. Blairy I can stream from a Netgear ReadyNas Duo. I don't know that it supports flac. I don't use twonky, or tversity or ..... Just the NAS. It seems to me that the Oppo supports flac, and reads the file on the NAS. Just as the Oppo can 'read' a dvd-a, an sacd and an hdcd. The PC doesn't need to be on to 'stream' my NAS flac. Benje
  14. blairy what do you mean by this? I am not always up with the acronyms and the technology. However, I can play flac (44.1/16 bit, through to 192/24 bit, including 96/24 bit multi-channel) from my NAS which is hooked up via the network (using dlna I assume), and the nas doesn't have any flac support (my PC does, which I used to transfer the files to the NAS and portable drives). I can also play these files from a portable USB connected hard-drive. Is this different to what you are saying? Benje