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  1. I have an mca50. not planning to sell though. Benje
  2. snoopy8 I'm sure the Anthem mrx720 isn't as good as my mca50 amp - i'm just not sure it is that different. Whereas the amps in my previous denon receiver (x-4000) for 5 channel listening were rubbish. By the way, I'd redo the ARC again. You must have dodgy front speakers or peculiar location if the cut-off is 160 hz, especially if the surrounds are at 80 hz. Any mis-wiring ?
  3. I had an anthem mca50 amp prior to getting the mrx720. I still use it, but I can't honestly say whether it is much better than the 5 main amp channels in my mrx720. It might be, and it might not be. I have used ARC quick measure to get my subs well aligned, and have also played a 50-80 hZ test tone to check the phase of my subs with my mains. Perhaps one day Anthem will include the little sub integration tweaks into ARC.
  4. Blairy good luck. This is a $15 solution to a problem. There may be better solutions but I doubt they will be simpler or cheaper.
  5. fair enough. Do you have any other spare usb connections, eg OPPO? Otherwise, you could use a 12V trigger. That is beyond my experience though. good luck. Benje
  6. why can't you use that one? I've used front ones and back ones.
  7. blairy I use a usb-powered laptop cooler fan - about $15. Just plug it into a denon usb-socket, place the perspex on the top of the vents,and the fan extracts air from the receiver. Stays cool. Needs very little space to fit, I also think the fan air motion prevents dust. Benje
  8. michael harvey good report. ARC quick measure is a great feature for those initial 'fiddles' with speaker location and subwoofer set-up/integration. Benje
  9. Michael I look forward to your thoughts on the mrx1120. Good luck Benje
  10. michael I have an mrx 720 - 5 good amps plus 2 surround amps. The 1120 has 5 good amps plus 6 surround amps, plus a torroidal transformer. I didn't need xlr connections, so didn't get seduced by the higher priced avm60. I don't know the Arcam apart from the good reputation. Good luck, enjoy the selection process. Benje
  11. No longer for sale - sold my other Denon 3808a instead. Thread closed
  12. No longer for sale - sold my other Denon 3808a instead. Thread closed
  13. add a usb-powered fan on to the top, run off the amp's usb connection (I assume it has one). keep the receiver well ventilated. use a powered sub for below 80 hz duties - it will release a little pressure on the receiver. Benje
  14. Scotttt and CWT the good thing about a second zone, independent HDMI is that you can feed two different sources from the one system to two different panels. Kids could watch a movie in either of the rooms, you could watch/listen to something in another room. And, no splitter problems. Allow some budget for a good remote - critical for such systems to be able to be used by you and your wife, and kids. Benje
  15. Something like a second-hand Denon X-4000 receiver will enable you to hook-up the main theatre room, provide an hdmi independent zone 2 connection for the other TV and feed those speakers in zone 3 (and power them if you choose). I have one for sale at present. However, some advice on the gear you propose to use and the budget will clarify what would be best options. Hard to say what really would be about right without knowing the answers to those questions. Benje ps the soundbar could be used with the main theatre today, and move to the other TV (zone 2) when you put speakers in the theatre. As long as the other TV has the optical out. You can hdmi zone 2 to the TV (with cat 6) then go to your soundbar with the optical from the TV if it has opticl out.