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  1. Can't comment on the 105, but I would discount the value of the 'D'. love my 103D, but would be happy with a 103.
  2. SNA - very large classifieds section
  3. there was a rotel 5 channel amp going on sna. i use an anthem mca50 - good value compared to the a5 and p5
  4. damn - I missed this - I love my now 7 years old T2-C. Benje
  5. Jutta it is a good unit at a fair price. All you need is a fair buyer.
  6. yep, its blacker, and sharper,and more colourful. Thanks Cris
  7. not yet - I assume I only need someone to help lift the TV off the bracket to access the port. If they deliver today, I'll let you know. I think I have a spears and munsil which would be a good 'before and after' test. I also have a THX tune-up on the iphone which would probably also measure the change in black setting.
  8. my unit is at the Airport - here shortly....... Nearly home. I have a friend with a VT20 50 ", and I think another has a 54" G series. I'll see how mine goes before ordering others. Benje
  9. can you reload the old firmware, the reload the new firmware with a reset? I have a gizmo coming... for my v10
  10. MrCrist I assume there was a reason for putting the "V10" reference in there...... I also assume you are keeping yours, and recommend others to buy a unit. Yes and Yes are the presumed answers. Benje edit - I suspect my TV, once 're-blacked' will look better than my neighbour's LCD Samsung once again. My wife has been complaining that their picture for AFL is better, which I can only put down to the deterioration (perhaps) in the plasma blacks compared to the newer (one year old) Samsung. We will see, in a month's time.
  11. rjv I suspect the Pioneer is just sending a video picture out via hdmi to the TV. In your other zone, there is no pioneer powered speakers, so no audio. Perhaps you could tell the Pioneer receiver that you want audio from the TV, which sends audio and video down the hdmi, although thiswill kill your zone 1 system.
  12. MrCrist I still have the Panasonic 58" V10 that we bought in late 2008 or 2009. Myer Marion IIRC. How I succumbed to the 'extra warranty' I will never know. It has been a very good panel though. You have had a lot of panels since, but I still have the 'original'. I look forward to hearing how the piece of kit works, and whether it makes $100 difference. Honestly, I haven't checked how black my blacks are, because knowing the answer would be useless, as there would have been nothing I could do to correct it without replacing the panel. There are some things which it is pointless finding out about, if you can't (or won't) do anything about the answer. Benje
  13. chris what is the current form of amplification?