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  1. I have the old v663 model and it's great for the price. I bought it just before the new 665 model came out, so I sort of regretted buying the old model when was soon to be superceded. But then I heard that the new vXX5 models they increased the number of features in the receiver but significantly reduced the power of the amp. So I'm lucky I got the old one. And I don't use any of the processing effects, I leave everything on 'straight', and I didn't use the YPAO, just adjusted the volume according to my ears. My reasoning for this is that the sound in movies is already encoded according to the way the movie makers want them to sound, and any changes made would be taking away from that.
  2. Tried out the Wii component cable last week, a no-name brand one. There is a slight noticeable difference in picture quality; it is definitely clearer, but also highlights the poor quality of Wii graphics.
  3. I have the Celine Dion New Day BD. The picture and sound are very good. Her voice sounds powerful but clear, although there aren't many surround/rear effects. As for the concert itself, it's pretty much what you'd expect from a Celine Dion power ballad performance
  4. Check out Media Portal. I know it can do the first 2 of your requests. I'm not sure about the last 2, but it is very customisable and there are a lot of plugins available for it, so you might find what you need!