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  1. Hello guys, price reduced to $2400.00. Amp is brand new condition. Pickup available in Melbourne, Airport West.
  2. Hello, I have for sale an absolutely *MINT*, used less than 5 times, a Marantz MM8077 - 7 channel amplifier RRP $3990.00. This amplifier is currently Marantz's flagship and comes with all accessories/box as would a new one. Warranty is still on item, as it was purchased August last year and copy of receipt included. Buyer will not be disappointed. Specs are: 7x 150W (8 ohm), 7x 180W (6 ohm) RMS power (20Hz-20kHz) Current feedback discrete power amplifier High current power supply with toroidal power transfomer Marantz reference-grade power supply filter capacitors and high speed, high current discrete power transistors Low impedance continuous drive capability Highest sound quality design based on pure surround philosophy Copper plated chassis Gold plated, high grade speaker terminals Flasher input, DC trigger (in/out), Remote control (in/out) Available in Black Pickup Available: Melbourne. Asking: $2600.00
  3. Projector sold today! Thanks guys for your great words regarding this projector. It ended up going to a good home. Thank you Rob for the effortless transaction and have many good years of enjoyment with this projector! Chappoz.
  4. Hello Marz, Looks like your PM box isn't set up. Send me an email to: [email protected] Regards, Chappoz1.
  5. Guys I've had a few offers but please the projector is as new with no problems what so ever, $3000.00 is my rock bottom price! PM me OR email if your interested.
  6. Thanks Chopsus! You know yourself how good this projector is. It's too late to check but I'm sure the hours on mine are below 150. It truly is as 'brand new'. Buyer wont be disappointed.
  7. Hello Guys, I have for sale an immaculate Mitsubishi HC7000 projector with low hours and dust free. It comes with everything as new i.e. box/manual/leads and a ceiling mount valued a $200.00. I am selling because I just don't use it as often as I would like, less than once a it has to go! The picture quality is nothing short of stunning! This is one of the quietest projectors I have never heard. Please google the reviews on this projector. I'm located in Melbourne. Interstate buyers are welcome to purchase due to having the original box with packaging. Price is $3000.00 which is a steal...I just want to sell before Xmas!!!!
  8. Hello troyn123 Where in Melbourne did you find that price????
  9. Surely some one wants to part with their new PS3 in Melbourne for our fellow members ????
  10. I'd say no-one has got up to this????
  11. When oh when is it going to end!!!! It seems you just purchase the damn thing and wham! a newer model arrives!!!!!
  12. I wonder what the best price will be for the prices have lowered ?