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  1. i get the same problems as Brian states and i live at Capalaba, got a Matchmaster 01MM-DG27 (B3 ≤7 dB Channel 21-69 ≤11 dB) and a philips 7200 stb new cabling rg6quad. for some reason mainly at nights up to about 10ish i got heaps of drop outs and pixalisation again mainly on 7. it's hard for me to pin point as i work nights but it does happen sometimes during the day not often and in bursts of a few minutes at a time. im starting to think the neighbours across the street must have or do something that interferes, if they mow or whipper snip its unwatchable on all stations. I have had this same setup at my old house at Manly and it was perfect there, but nothing but problems over here. i know im at the point now where i need to get a pro out to check and do measurements, what would it cost to get someone out to do those? anything else i should try?
  2. forgot to add this strength quality snr ch7 70% 94% 23db ch9 85% 97% 27db ch10 84% 96% 26db ch2 83% 96% 26db sbs 81% 96% 26db
  3. Is bluray a viable option for an old 76cm crt owner? and a tv that can only do 1080i/50hz? from what i've read bluray either outputs at 1080i/60 or right back to 576p?
  4. ok here's another antenna question. currently have matchmaster 01MM-DG30(bands 1,2,3,4,5) bought about 5 years ago when bought all digital equipment, didn't know what i was buying at the time just said needed a digital antenna as the old one was shot. had good reception at manly where i lived previously with this antenna not problems at all. moved house to capalaba, used antenna there for a while, moved it from back of house to front and higher(was previously pointed at the roof!), replaced it with the DG30 from manly, upgraded the old brown cable to RG6 quad silght improvements. Electrical interference is the same, everything just about interferes i think even the neighbours air con unit, get bad bit rate errors from about 6pm to about 11pm at night, from midnight onwards get very little bit rate errors, glitches and so on. Ch7 is the worse not matter what time of day, the AFL is unwatchable due to bit rate errors, pixelisation and so on. would changing the antenna to a matchamster 01MM-DG27(bands 3,4,5) be worthwhile? i've been trying to avoid calling out a technician but i'll have to as i think im running out of options to do by myself.