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  1. $6,000. Wait 6 months and you can get an HD-DVD player AND a Blu-Ray player imported from the US for $3000 less. At this point of the game, this player is a complete waste of money.
  2. Don't purport to tell me what I have or have not seen. Answer the question: have you ever owned this projector? If not, your 'opinion' is about as welcome as your attitude.
  3. I've had the AE700 for 14 months now and couldn't be happier. Do you actually or have you owned this projector? I'm well over the 500 hour limit and haven't lost any discernable lamp power.
  4. What problems are you having with vertical banding? I've had the projector a year and can truthfully say I hardly notice any VB.
  5. The Pioneer 969 has a retail price of $1500, and can be had for $1000. The $2500 price tag is last years price. The new 989 is out in January with a retail price of around $2k. The 969 is one of the best players out there and the only one in this price range that carries 576/480i over HDMI, which is perfect when you want to upgrade to an external scaler. And it doesn't have the dreaded Denon Macroblocking problem, which is particularly noticeable on the 1910 and 2910.
  6. Given the Arcam's start at $3,000, I wouldn't get my hopes up to high on that front. The Pioneer can be had for $1k and it's well worth it.
  7. Trainspotting, Point Break and Mad Max, at least, are all full bitrate DTS in R4.
  8. No; only the Pioneer 969 or Arcam DV79/29A can do this.
  9. There hasn't been more than a handful of full bitrate DTS DVds released in the US in years. Since Saving Private Ryan, almost every DTS DVD released is half bitrate. So, no, we're not really missing out on that much. There are a number of R3 full bitrate DTS DVDs, but the video is not usually up to the standards that I expect.
  10. HD is here now. I wouldn't be wasting money on a new projector if it wasn't HD capable.
  11. Ask him that question again when HD-DVD comes out.
  12. Get the Pioneer 969 upscaling DVD player. You'll be amazed at the difference from a normal DVD player.
  13. Whatever the future is, it certainly won't be Plasma. All signs point to LCD being the next big thing (in both senses of the word) in home televisions.
  14. Composite or S-Video connections via this projector are really not recommended. The picture quality is going to be crap, regardless of any actual faults that the projector may otherwise suffer. I have my DVD player connected via component and HDMI and have never once had any of the issues you have mentioned.
  15. Yes, actually. Foxtel could re-transmit 7 and 10 on cable digitally today even without a deal. The only reason Foxtel is retransmitting the analogue signal is because they are waiting for the satellite deal to be finalised and are withholding digital retransmission on cable until that deal is done.