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  1. The shipping listed in the price is for standard air mail delivery. It costs extra for DHL and extra again if you want to pay by Credit Card.
  2. Nope. This is it for me; I just wanted to say this last thing. I'm tired of defending myself from people who think it necessary to establish Poll of other members as a means of shutting people up. For all my 'goading', at least I have a degree of respect for other members on this forum and have never once reduced myself to personal attacks and belittling others. You now have free reign. Enjoy yourself.
  3. You said you weren't participating any further in this discussion. Hence, you're not going to get any further response from me. On any issue. I'm done with this Forum. Enjoy your HD DVD bliss. I guess you won your Poll.
  4. It's a native 720p projector; it has to output the signal at 720p.
  5. I give up. Did you even bother to look at Fox's own site confirming it owns the DVD distribution rights to this film? I'm guessing you did, but conveniently didn't address that issue. This is nuts. How, exactly, am I wrong here? No one has provided any evidence that any studio other than Fox Pathe has anything to do with the release with this film on DVD in France. All I was doing was responding to an assertion, not backed up by any evidence, that Studio Canal had distribution rights to this film in France. All I did was provide actual evidence as to who is distributing this film on DVD and all you can do is repeatedly question it. Not one question about Mark H's original assertion, of course. It's pretty clear where opinion rests on this forum.
  6. I love this. Facts count for nothing; rumour is everything here. Believe what you want.
  7. What does this mean to you?: "Éditeur DVD Fox Pathé Europa" Film distribution rights are sometimes different to DVD distribution rights. Pathe's rights are theatrical, Fox Pathe rights are for the DVD release. Meanwhile, I've yet to see any link confirming Kingdom of Heaven will be released on HD DVD in France. Either I am going crazy, or people are seriously only reading what they want to read. Here is a link to Fox's French website advertising the DVD release of Kingdom of Heaven: http://shop.foxfrance.com/fr/produit_1_dvdnews_33011.php
  8. DVD distribution rights are held by Fox Pathe Europa, as the link clearly shows. Where is the reference to Studio Canal or the link confirming that Kingdom of Heaven will be available on HD DVD.
  9. No, Fox Pathe released this film in France on DVD, not Studio Canal. Fox own this movie and control its release worldwide, and Fox Pathe only release movies on Blu-Ray. Kingdom of Heaven distribution
  10. Nice gross generalization there. Who knew HT attracted so many snobs.
  11. As good as they are, I don't think CRT projectors are a viable alternative for the vast majority of home theatres these days.
  12. The only thing you can guarantee is that all of these projectors will seem like dinasours this time next year. Such are the travails of HT enthusiasts. From my position, all of these projectors suffer from one common ailment: low lumens output.
  13. And from your post: "If memory serves me correct, you mentioned reading on a site from a Uinversal employee about the possibility of Universal going neutral soon. Their comments quash that rumour." I was quoting a statement from an actual Universal executive which doesn't negate Universal's current stance. Last time I looked, neither Blu-Ray or HD DVD were going gangbusters with the public at large. Talk about reaching. Could you be any more defensive? My decision to go format neutral is playing out well. Of course, given Black Hawk Down and Kingdom of Heaven will be the only titles ever to be released on Blu-Ray and not HD DVD that you'll ever want to watch, so too is your decision to stick with 40% of movies. Win-win, don't you think?
  14. First, find the post where I made such a ridiculous statement. I can guarantee you will never find it, because I never said it. Put up or shut up. Secondly, how will Kingdom of Heaven be coming to HD DVD when the worldwide distribution rights are held by Fox?
  15. The Hulk is one of the best looking HD DVDs out there. I enjoy the film, I know many don't. It's probably not a good blind buy - you should rent it first if you haven't seen it.