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  1. Owen, did you end up selling the X3?
  2. Thanks hopefullguy. Yeah I think projector first and will project onto a wall to see what size is best. But I see many package deals with screen and mount that have better pricing so.....
  3. If he did not get the package, how much is it normally for someone to install fixed projector screen, mount projector on ceiling ? Sorry to hijack, Assuming cabling and power is already run to the ceiling. As I am looking to be doing the same thing, but I would source components myself, just not comfortable in mounting projector and screen. p.s. my room is even smaller at 4.1m X 3.4m and I plan to have a 110" screen. I will be going with an Epson 9200 or 8300/9300 for the vertical lens shift range it provides. I am thinking to get a 100" screen but not sure as I may regret next time as it may be too small? I can fir a 120" screen but the throw range won't allow me with the Epson. My ceilings are 2.75m and throw range 3.45m - 3.5m Viewing distance around 3.4m. Thanks.
  4. ok thanks. Looks like I will go for a 16:9 110" screen. My throw range at best is 3.5m from lens to screen. Also as you can see below, the stacker glass doors in the room, I want to mount projector on ceiling such that it won't drop down past the glass doors. So not sure if the sony 45es will do it as I don't want to mount screen too high off the ground, I have 2.75m ceilings. I'm pretty sure the epson 9200/9300 can do it with over 90% vertical lens shift.
  5. Thanks. Yep I think too small as well as it's just like a big tv. I think I will probably go a 110" 16:9 screen, will scope movies look tiny?
  6. I could get the projector with lens memory if my wife allows:) But will it be too small of a scope screen for my room size?
  7. Hi Guys, Would like an opinion on this, With my room dimensions and sitting distance (3.4m) is it even worth considering a scope screen? Or just get a 16:9 screen, probably a 110". Room dimension 3.39mX4.05m Thanks, K.
  8. Mous7272 how much are you selling the 9200 for? Thanks
  9. What are you upgrading it to? I thought you just got this one
  10. Chrisso, how does the jvc compare to the Epson? Is it day and night difference? You had the 9200?
  11. ok thanks I may stick to the regular Oppo BD player first and see how I go.
  12. How much does this lumagen cost? I may just get an oppo bd player.
  13. Well if I turn off the lights and close the curtains and shutter and door and watch at 8pm I guess I will get good black level I will shop around for a used and demo unit I suppose. unless I got for a new Epson 9200. I was thinking saving money and get a benq 1070 or similar model but have my doubts... Forgot to add one on the list, is the Pana AE8000 a worthy option? Also how is gaming performance on the JVC? And watching sports, like rugby etc