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  1. When was this projector purchased?
  2. How many hours?
  3. Can this projector do HDR?
  4. Is the X7500 night and day difference with the 9300? in terms of sharpness and contrast?
  5. How good is this samsung with 24p UHD and 1080P blu rays? Any judder? Also how about connecting it to a PC? Good for PC use? Apps, games?
  6. I wonder if the new JVC's will sort out gaming input lag....
  7. Ok thanks. My wall is a dark grey colour will that work?
  8. Ok thanks. Do both these screens have the capability to show 4K content properly? Or should I say faux 4K
  9. Hi All, Does anyone here have any experience with Grandview 16:9 projector screens? Particularly the flocked frame ones? Looking at 110". http://www.grandviewscreens.com.au/products/flocked-frame-screen.html They are much cheaper than the equivalent Screen Technics, but was wondering how they compare? Thanks, K.
  10. Thanks. Pretty good for gaming
  11. ok thanks. Do you play games at 1080P and then turn on 4K enhancement?
  12. ok thanks. Are all these games better on PC or console?
  13. Thanks for the info. What games you play on the PC?