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  1. What are you upgrading it to? I thought you just got this one
  2. Chrisso, how does the jvc compare to the Epson? Is it day and night difference? You had the 9200?
  3. ok thanks I may stick to the regular Oppo BD player first and see how I go.
  4. How much does this lumagen cost? I may just get an oppo bd player.
  5. Well if I turn off the lights and close the curtains and shutter and door and watch at 8pm I guess I will get good black level I will shop around for a used and demo unit I suppose. unless I got for a new Epson 9200. I was thinking saving money and get a benq 1070 or similar model but have my doubts... Forgot to add one on the list, is the Pana AE8000 a worthy option? Also how is gaming performance on the JVC? And watching sports, like rugby etc
  6. Thanks for the info If I get a used x35 what lamp hours should I be looking at max? Also how much do the lamp cost? Also will the x35 look crap without calibration compared to the Epson 9200 in thx mode? And why is Sony last on the list? I will have curtains to close off the stacker doors. An entry door to the side which will have a privacy glass and a side window with plantation shutter. Also will have 4 downlights in the room which are dimmable. Room size is 3.39m X 4.050m Screen will be on the 3.39m wall Trying to have the HDMI and power at 4m or as far back as possible.
  7. Thanks for the feedback. These are the contenders for me at the moment: Epson 9200, Sony 40es and possibly a jvc x35 Worried about the x35 being not flexible as needs a dark room at all times. That's what I read anyways the brightness is not too good.
  8. Thanks, Hmm I would like a 120" but not sure if it would fit nicely on a 3.39m wide wall. I still need to place speakers on the side not wall mounted on a entertainment unit or floor standers? would viewing angle be bad? I don't want to look up. Unless you guys can convince me 120" can fit and not too big for my room size I would go for it. But not sure if it will even work due to projector lens being approx 3.5m to 3.6m from screen? Is it a too short of a distance throw? edit looks like for 120" I won't be able to make it at 3.5m throw unless I get the BenQ
  9. Thanks for the info. Is wireless HDMI reliable? for HD audio like DTSHD-MA and Dolby True HD? AND 1080p output? Just curious. I will be having a HDMI run from my amp to the projector so the wireless doesn't really matter I suppose. I want less tinkering as possible to maybe THX is a very good thing for me. Set it and forget. Do the JVC's and Sony 40ES have THX modes too? or do I need to calibrate etc? Screen will be 110" seating around 3.6m away
  10. Ok thanks good point.
  11. Thanks. Are they the same hardware wise besides THX mode?
  12. ok thanks for the feedback.
  13. Thanks. Yeah I just don't want to regret later 110" too small for my room. I think it should be ok. 120" may be too big for my wall if I want to allow for floorstanders. So difference between 8200 and 9200 is just the THX mode? If I get the 8200 calibrated can it be as good as 9200 THX mode?
  14. Thanks. What is the difference between the Epson 7200/8200/9200? Also do you think with my room dimensions 110" will make an impact? Is it too small, too big? I will sit at around 3.7m away approx. Forgot one thing, are any of these projectors reasonable with console gaming?