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  1. Hi there I live at Runcorn. I have a standard set top box and an old antenna to one point in the house. till Monday night I picked up all stations Channel 9 was a bit flaky and broke up a bit,the box detected the SBS channels existed however never got a picture for them.About 10:00 pm I started receiving "station Temporarily offline "for all stations. Still the same this morning.I tried setting up/scanned for the channels again however it wouldn't detected any. Unplugged the box and took it upstairs and plugged it into the old TV and the old rabbits ears and scanned again. It detected all channels and I could even get the SBS channels properly. This would indicate to me the set top box is working ok. The reception on analogue is good but it has never been great anyway (had cable for a long time so never really cared) however UHF channels SBS and BRIZ31 are pretty ordinary. please keep in mind that the Antenna is at least 10 years old and I realise it is not designed to do what it is expected to. However up until Monday it was coping ok and supplying reasonably acceptable pictures via the set top box.I was going to upgrade antenna when I have some money however not in that position yet. So what has changed so suddenly on Monday night?And can anyone recommend a technician on the Southside who is reasonably priced and has the gadget to pick up where the best signal is coming from. Loath to get the crowd back who installed the antenna as they "just look for where all the others antennas in the neighbourhood are pointing"however in fairness to them maybe the gadgets weren't invented back then. any thoughts and recommendations will be most appreciated. cheers Bruce