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  1. Correct. They have all been working furiously to get these to air, including separate studio operations next to the ongoing local (metro) bulletin operation. I don't know if WA or SA are going to have anything as their affiliations are a tad different to the east coast states.
  2. That may be so but I reiterate how is this part of your post relevant to either what CWulf said or the thread? Technical specs of the IF or other internal workings of a translator have no bearing whatsoever on what is being discussed.
  3. How is any of that relevant to the discussion and in particular to what CWulf said?
  4. I would think the colours of both should be almost identical with the major differentiation to be in details. The two upper most hanging lights are shown very differently on either side whereas the lower two are very similar. Why? Unfortunately Joe or Josephine average would be more than likely taken in by such aberrations. I presume those differences as shown are not due to the limitations of the mobile phone's camera.
  5. Yep. I guess my edit to point my opening comment to the reply to alanh's post was just after your post. But either way our favourite poster has answered the question(s) not asked and skirted around the one(s) asked. Indeed, as so many of them seem to be showing an internal loop feed from a good (U)HD source in an attempt to highlight the top end of the units capabilities, which may be all well and good, but as Blackman is wanting to know and see does not provide an indication of what a bog ordinary FTA signal will manifest as.
  6. Unfortunately some peoples have great difficulty answering the actual question and rather go off on their own agenda much like politicians. This is in reference to this statement; "you are missing blackman's point " For the statement I agree. If the floor staff can't do that or they don't know how, it is a very poor reflection on why they are there. If the goods on display are televisions and therefore have a tuner in them, then to be able to use that functionality is basic and should be able to be done with a minimum of fuss. It would be very few if any of the retailers who wouldn't have an antennae system of some sort able to be plugged in whether by a short lead to a multi reticulated system of sockets nearby or via a longer lead to even a single outlet (in a small shop) to be able to demonstrate the TV part of as opposed to the monitor part.
  7. Perth too. Started at the beginning of this week, but is still the main service of 7.
  8. Good grief Alan!!! Did I say that either of those were? Have I said that VAST has anything to do with metro services? Did I say in any way, shape or form that SBS 33 was ever 76, aka 7flix??? SERIOUSLY? You said, and I quote And I responded That is with reference to metro, as per your reference. I said and I quote, Let me explain. 7flix was Mpeg4. 33 was Mpeg4. Get the picture? Soooo, they, SBS, have done a 7flix with 33. In other words they have changed to MPEG2. Thankyou. Back to normal programming - whatever that is.
  9. That may very well be, however none of their metro services are MPEG4. They have done a 7flix with 33.
  10. Not quite true. Those cabinets are indeed powered from the street poles, HOWEVER, when the power goes off you do not lose phone/internet as such. If you have a look in the cabinets you will see on the bottom shelf a bunch of orange thingies that look like batteries. They are in fact as such so the cabinet does not go down - for a while at least. The most likely way you will lose your phone/internet is if you do not have an alternate power supply at your house/dwelling etc such as, at the least, a UPS. If you have one of them you can carry on for as long as it holds up or you can get another power supply to it or the mains come back, and then for however long the cabinet backup lasts. I have no figures for how long the batteries in the cabinets can provide back up.
  11. A small technical detail in error here; SBS HD is not MPEG4 and in fact none of the SBS services are MPEG4.
  12. I, too, was going to query the relevance to the Australian scene - and mildly still would given that this is allegedly "Australia's leading audio visual and home theatre forum", but then I realised it is in the "What is happening overseas" subforum so I though fair enough. But is it supposed to make us hanker more for the advent of DRM in Australia or what? Until it gets here I'm not fussed. Seems more like mostly comments about the brand and that model in particular which wouldn't pass muster here, even if it does have a zippity doo dah radio receiver in it. Perhaps Nissan should bring back the 1200 or the 120Y, or Toyota the E20 or E30 (they did have seatbelts and the latter ones front disc brakes) and they fit them out with a DAB+ radio for sale here. Then we could have even more listeners to digital.
  13. No, the actual channels used for the Bourke St site are 40, 41, 43, 44 and 45. The Dandenong main site uses 6, 7, 8, 11 and 12. these are for the ABC, SBS and three commercial broadcasters only. And their representation on a TV or tuner will be the logical channels of 2, 21, 22 etc, 3, 32, 30 etc, 7, 70, 71 etc 9, 90, 92 etc, 1, 10, 11 etc,
  14. Good grief, last weeks news. And they weren't downloading, it was live streaming.
  15. The name there is "Seak" by the way. Just because a digital radio is fitted does not mean it is listened to. I have an FM tuner in my car (who doesn't?) but I very rarely use that section of it. So to use the number of vehicles fitted with a DAB+ receiver does not necessarily follow that it is therefor listened to. What was that comment Seak quoted earlier. The facts of vehicles with DAB+ radios, but the stats of them that are listened to per se.