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  1. Hey guys I just bought a 46" series 8 3D led tv a few weeks ago but im getting a free 22" led tv, 4 pairs of glasses and 4x 3D movies. I much prefer to of got a 3D Blu Ray player instead of a 22" tv that im not going to use, but it will make a good xmas present for someone haha. Anyways, does anyone here have a samsung 3D Blu Ray player that they would want to offload to me? otherwise i'll guess i'll have to pop out to jb hifi and pick one up in the next few weeks (before my 3D movies arrive) cheers Jaydee
  2. here's a secret that i wasnt going to tell online, but i can get you guys that gta4 game for bloody cheap. what you do is this, buy gta 4 from eb, price matched for $78 or $85 where ever it is.. then trade (not return) it back to eb games.. you'll get $110 for it (though im pretty sure its store credit cause its a trade back, not refund) though i think its limited to two trade backs per store or something.. though if you work it out, you'll save a heap of money. this has to be done by the 6th of may... dont believe me, then walk into a eb games store and check out the gta4 posters advertising the trade back deals. this is the case for sydney eb games, i dont know about other area's but its a definate loop hole in eb's system. though there have been many many loop holes in eb's system. (i managed to get guitar hero 3 for xbox 360 with wireless guitar (on release week) for like $60 through a eb games loop hole)
  3. thanks to this thread, i managed to pick one up last weekend =) so cross me off the list for still wanting one =)
  4. i have both a xbox 360 cand ps3 connected to my 52x3100. both connected using hdmi. i've only tried two dvd movies on it so far to see the quality using both xbox and ps3. i've tested 2 fast 2 furious for fast dvd car scenes, and stargate: the ark of truth dvd. i must say that dvds look better playing through the ps3. (im not sure if it has a better upscaler, or if my settings for the two different inputs are tuned way differently, will check them tonight) and with all that in mind, i get no image problems at the edge of the screen =/
  5. i'll try mine when i get home. from what i know though, is that the pictures have to be jpg images im pretty sure. i'll try the following tonight standard usb 2.0 stick 2.5" self powered usb drive 3.5" powered usb drive. we'll see what happens
  6. yeah i must admit, its not that bad really. all my mates dont notice it. its just me being real real fussy lol. picture quality is generally really really really good. i've tweaked the settings a bit to which has helped. playing games on the thing is fine though =) blu ray looks really good on it to, so i guess i cant complain to much. at least i got no dead pixels, no clouding, and all the rest. plus it looks real good in the living room =)
  7. hey guys, i'd like to get one of those infrared repeaters for my setup. as i have a xbox 360, foxtel unit, (picking up a amp soon to) and they are in a funny location where the infrared remotes have issues pointing to them at some times and i like them hidden. so i wanted one of those units to extend the infrared receivers on the units. something like THIS im pretty sure thats what i need, but not sure where to get them at a decent price in australia. any help would be great thanks jaydee
  8. hey guys, my new sony bravia 52x3100 arrived today and its something else alright, awesome tv. apart from the following issue. im getting image ghosting on the set. watching foxtel i get some pretty annoying image ghosting. its mainly happening when there is a close up shot of someone walking by. you see their face "lag" behind. the ghosting effect. this is foxtel connected to the tv via the standard composite connection. i thought maybe it was a foxtel issue.. so i tried watching the new stargate movie (dvd) through my xbox using a hdmi cable.. same issue.. ghosting. i've tried changing basic settings such as motionflow from high to standard and nothing, tried changing the cinema mode option thing aswell from auto 1 to auto 2.. no noticible improvement =/ anyone else have any issues like this. or knows how to fix it, as i've never really read about this issue anywhere online. im gonna go to my mates place tomorro as he has the 46" x series to see what his looks like compared to mine. i was just expecting a near perfect image after forking out $4500 for a tv thats all =/ i just dont want to regret this buy cause i know i wont be able to stand having this slight ghosting issue for the years to come. thanks to any advice in advance, or to any pointers that i can try out. jaydee
  9. hmmm true... i'll take a look a prices tomorro. =)
  10. i have considered this. but i rather a full 5.1 setup for now, decent amp, cheaper speakers, then upgrade later and chuck those speakers into the spare tv room. i think im pretty set on getting the yamaha RX-V661 amp. it looks pretty good for $500 then i'll get some speakers to go along with it. but to be honest i did consider getting something like the yamaha ef series speakers (2 main speakers) for now yamaha ef series speakers i was thinking, maybe i get that amp, and those two main speakers for now. then later purchase the center, surround and sub..
  11. my boss has actually recommended me to go to this place to. as thats where he got all his gear i'll go there tomorro and have a nosey =) seems like the place to go
  12. hey thanks for the quick reply. they look like a good system, but i would like to try and get slighty larger speakers =) the model up, the yamaha YHT-595 look good. i'll go take a look at them in the shops tonight seeing its late night shopping. any other recommendations?? how to people rate the pioneer systems?
  13. hey guys, i just recently purchased a sony bravia 52x3100 tv which arrives tomorro (friday) and looking to buy a decent sound system for it, willing to spend up to $1000 for now as the tv alone took a bit of cash off me =) i avoided what the guy at sony told me, he tried to sell me a sony packaged system with the tv, but without reading a review on the sony system i didnt want to buy it, im glad i didnt as i was reading that they dont exactly make the best bang for buck sound systems. im totally new to this whole area and talking to the salesmen in shops doesnt help to much as they could be selling me something i dont need or something that wont suit me. so if someone could recommend me a system for about 1 grand with the following in mind: 5.1 surround obviously which at times will be cranked right up movies/music i also plan to run a xbox 360 and ps3 both through hdmi. im not sure if they plug into the tv first then the tv to the amp?? not sure how it works exactly. i was looking at the pioneer systems a while back, they looked pretty snazzy, but if its what i want im not sure. just looking for some opinions before i go buy something on saturday =) thanks in advance guys jaydee
  14. anyone in sydney got a ps3 for sale?? i get my 52x3100 tomorro, need something to show off its capabilities to the family to justify the buy lol
  15. yeah i was also wondering this. we have well over 300 dvd's the sony guy tried to sell us a dvd upscaler for $160 but i shrugged him off as i just wanted the tv right now lol. anyone know if the xbox 360 upscales dvd's?? or if i can use my standard dvd player. or should i upgrade to a sony hdmi dvd player?? otherwise i'll just let everything be.. im just worried that on a 52" screen that the quality with look very sub par =S i'll find out friday when my tv arrives i suppose =S cheers