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  1. i have both a xbox 360 cand ps3 connected to my 52x3100. both connected using hdmi. i've only tried two dvd movies on it so far to see the quality using both xbox and ps3. i've tested 2 fast 2 furious for fast dvd car scenes, and stargate: the ark of truth dvd. i must say that dvds look better playing through the ps3. (im not sure if it has a better upscaler, or if my settings for the two different inputs are tuned way differently, will check them tonight) and with all that in mind, i get no image problems at the edge of the screen =/
  2. i'll try mine when i get home. from what i know though, is that the pictures have to be jpg images im pretty sure. i'll try the following tonight standard usb 2.0 stick 2.5" self powered usb drive 3.5" powered usb drive. we'll see what happens
  3. yeah i was also wondering this. we have well over 300 dvd's the sony guy tried to sell us a dvd upscaler for $160 but i shrugged him off as i just wanted the tv right now lol. anyone know if the xbox 360 upscales dvd's?? or if i can use my standard dvd player. or should i upgrade to a sony hdmi dvd player?? otherwise i'll just let everything be.. im just worried that on a 52" screen that the quality with look very sub par =S i'll find out friday when my tv arrives i suppose =S cheers
  4. yeah we'll see. sony looks good, hopefully i have no issues =/
  5. will do, im sure i'll have to stuff around with the settings for a while to find a perfect balance. my mate has the 46inch version. and he spent quite some time getting all the settings just right. well if you dont end up buying this weekend, i'll tell you how the footy and soccer looks on my 52x3100 =)
  6. just wanted to say that im now a bravia owner. just bought a 52" x series bravia. man these things look sweet. managed to get it for $4510 delivered which includes 5 years extended warranty oh plus the $300 cash back taking it down to $4210 comes on friday, now just gotta find a decent stand for it. anything i should know about the tv, tweaked settings or anything?