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  1. I know this thread is kind of dead, but I figured I'd bump it instead of making a new one. I can't be bothered going through all 55 pages, so I'll just ask now: Does anyone here know how to fix the overscan problem for the 81cm AWA LCD? Do I have to access the service menu and do some adjustments in there myself? If so how do I access it, and what do I change? I currently have my STB plugged into the AV1 source and the overscan is getting pretty annoying for me, there's not as much on the component source though. I would really appreciate some thorough instructions on fixing it, THANKS !
  2. Well my 360 is currently off being repaired, Big W sold me an '06 console when I bought it in September '07. Correct me if I'm wrong but weren't they recalled? Anyway with 3 (2 of which I had to replace, which I shall also do for the third) of my games I kept getting the 'can't read disc' error so I presumed that the console was damaging my games, hopefully all we be resolved once it's returned to me.
  3. I don't really see a major difference between the two, but I guess I'm not a TV buff.
  4. I fixed it...but it's weird. I thought that maybe all my Xbox 360 cables were interfering with the signal, so I unplugged all of it. TEN Digital was still screwed like it was before, but strangely it started working perfectly when I plugged all my 360 cables back in. Anyway, thanks for all of your help .
  5. ABC Digital looks the same as my 7 and 9, very good reception. I'm sorry, but it's a lot of reading and this isn't exactly my area of expertise. Does it look like I'll need a signal amplifier? If so how much are they normally? By the way, my channel TEN digital is on channel 10 and when I skip up one on the remote it goes to 10HD which is on channel 12 (and obviously isn't supported)...man this really racks my brain . I will be very appreciative of any help you can provide.
  6. I hope people are still here. I just have a slight problem. I just picked up a standard set top box today (only picks up digital). The reception on every channel is fine other than channel 10 digital, there's no sound and it's very blocky, choppy, pixelated i.e. unwatchable, what is up with this? Why is the signal so weak? I have auto-scanned channels several times to no avail. My antenna is mounted on my roof, could it just be having issues with the channel 10 receiver? I'm thinking this because when I was using standard television the reception on channel 10 was very fuzzy, but still watchable. I'm in the suburb Riverhills by the way.