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  1. Thanks for the info. What problems (if any) have you had with them in the past?
  2. Like I said, Full HD is not an issue to me because it only really shows for Blu-ray (which I have no interest in). As for HDMI ports I only need one. Do you have an opinion on Soniq TVs though?
  3. Link Is this a good deal? I'm considering buying it because I desperately need a new TV and the price makes it look like an absolute bargain. Blu-Ray movies is of no concern to me so the Full HD is not an issue. I plan to be using it for HDTV viewing and gaming. Does anyone know if this TV is any good, or have any personal experience with Soniq models ?
  4. Yeah, 25 Contrast, 100 Brightness and warm colour temperature is the best I can do. The only colour that seems a little over-exposed now is red, there's also a little graininess in some programs (but I think this is common with HD broadcasts anyway), so I can live with it. Thanks for your help guys .
  5. I have thoroughly been through the STB menu, and like I said in a previous post, the only options for the display is the type (1080i, 720p etc.) and aspect ratio. As for the THX I don't think that wouldn't properly calibrate it for the HDMI channel considering it would have to be on the component channel (which my xbox 360 is connected to and which I play DVDs on, it's an '06 version so it doesn't have an HDMI port on the back - I also don't want to have to keep swapping between plugs for my STB and 360 for the component channel). Right now I have it plugged into HDMI and AV, so I'm wondering: is there any quality difference for digital channels (Non HD ones) between HDMI and AV connections?
  6. I have to keep the contrast low, otherwise parts with a lot of white really are quite bright and people's faces are too shiny. And I need to keep the brightness up otherwise dark / black parts (such as people wearing black clothes) really do look too dark. I don't know why my TV is having issues with this, I assume it was poorly calibrated during manufacturing for HDTV, I'm honestly considering connecting my STB via the AV channel just so I can get a regular picture. One things for certain: I'm never buying an AWA TV again.
  7. Like I said in a previous post, all I have to work with is the brightness and contrast. Right now I've got the contrast on 25, the brightness on 100 and colour temp on 'Warm' (this is after much fiddling around, I can't seem to yield a better result).
  8. I haven't run any calibration software and on the component channel there's an option to change the colour levels (along with brightness and contrast) while the HDMI only has brightness and contrast options. There's no back-light adjustment option, only 'Blue Back' which I can turn on and off, and I have no idea what it does (I noticed no difference). I know the set top box isn't problem because my Xbox 360 is connected on the component channel (luckily most video games come with a brightness option). The only option on the STB itself in terms of display is for the aspect ratio and display type (1080i, 720p etc.)
  9. So no one has any idea?
  10. I recently got a HD set top box (connected via HDMI cable) and I'm having some picture issues. It seems to be too dark during dark scenes and too bright during bright scenes, I can't seem to find and equilibirum between the brightness and contrast. Anyone know what I can try? This only seems to happen on my Component / HDMI channels and not AV. My TV is an 81cm AWA LCD.
  11. Can anyone provide some insight on how to fix the overscan problem with this brand? I've got it hooked up to my STB (it did have the overscan problem before connecting it) on AV1 and my 360 on component (though there's not as much overscan on that). It's getting particularly annoying, especially for broadcast movies - will I have to delve into the service menu? If so can anyone provide some thorough instructions?
  12. I just found this in the back of the manual: "Appendix A: Display Modes If the signal from the system equals to the standard signal mode, the screen is adjusted automatically. If the signal from the system doesn't equal to the standard signal mode, adjust the mode with referring to the videocard user guide because the screen might not display or only the power LED might be on. For the display modes listed below, the screen image has been optimised during manufacture." Then it has a table with all these numbers displaying the Mode, Resolution, Horizontal Frequency (KHz), Vertical Frequency (Hz), Pixel Clock Frequency (MHz). Could this be of any use for fixing the problem ?
  13. I know this thread is kind of dead, but I figured I'd bump it instead of making a new one. I can't be bothered going through all 55 pages, so I'll just ask now: Does anyone here know how to fix the overscan problem for the 81cm AWA LCD? Do I have to access the service menu and do some adjustments in there myself? If so how do I access it, and what do I change? I currently have my STB plugged into the AV1 source and the overscan is getting pretty annoying for me, there's not as much on the component source though. I would really appreciate some thorough instructions on fixing it, THANKS !
  14. Oh whoops, should have specified this in the initial post, anyway: TV is an AWA 81cm LCD. I also figured this is an overscan problem, but there have been no selection to fix it in either the television's or STB's menus. I don't want to risk going into the service menu (I wouldn't know what I was doing). There is not as much overscan on my component source, which I have my Xbox 360 on (1080p). The STB is hooked up to AV1. Still, any help would be greatly appreciated.
  15. My current STB only picks up digital TV, if I purchased a HD STB and thus watch HD channels, will this problem most likely be rectified (i.e. are HD channels broadcast differently as opposed to DTV)?