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  1. also interested
  2. WTB 28 days/weeks later
  3. can be had for about $50 delivered off amazon
  4. picked up hellraiser off ebay from a store called sodvd in the uk au$16.42 delivered
  5. wtb 28 days/weeks later pack
  6. Can I ask the stupid question, were do the press copies come from. I know the name suggests..but how do you get your hands on them?
  7. also can be bought from mymemory for about $20 delievered
  8. looking for Gran Torino My Bloody Valantine Zack and Miri make a porno
  9. not sure if this has been covered or not. Has anyone noticed a shift in blu ray prices in the last month, two place not to buy blu rays (sanity and video ezy, to to there excessive prices, but keep in mind they still have there $44.95 and $49.95 movies that can be had for $34 at big w) now have sections of very well priced blus. Off hand I can recall rocky 1 $19, Die hard with vengance $23.95 and Ironman $29.95. These are sticker prices, not specials. I think this is a good sign for future prices
  10. rambo first blood $14 ( open to trade just about anything
  11. How about Bee movie on HD DVD
  12. some 5100`s?
  13. would you take a set of potters on hd dvd as trade?