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  1. I can do $2500 and 58" also seems a huge tv to me....I`ll check it out. So $2500 is the best people have got the telly for?
  2. No one has addressed the LG yet, it fits my budget and also sizing you advise. Is this because its rubbish or just no one has one to comment on.
  3. it blows me away the size recommendations, I curranlt have a 46"....I think its a good size, maybe a tad bigger would be nice....but looking at 60" plus as minimum size just at a thought is just TO BIG
  4. Dicksmith power house in fountain gate have it as a managers special for $2295, thats what was pushing me towards it. Light blacks would concern me...thats what I hate about my 46w5500....poor blacks
  5. dollars dont allow more than $2500 for a new TV
  6. Hi guys, Looking at getting a new set and upgrading from my 46w5500, wanting to move from LCD back to Plasma. There are 3 sets I`m tossing up between and was looking for oppions and advide and experiance with the sets. there are as follows LG 60PK750 ( main reason is shear size, definatly not a fan of LG. Seen it running and looked good, and fantastic price.) Panasonic TH-P54V20A ( again size and good prices avalible...and its a pana) Panasonic TH-P50V20A ( size-bigger than the 46", and price) I mostly watch Austar (mystar via component) dvdrips and internet content And a few blurays My viewing distance would be approximatly 3.5-4 mtrs cheers in advanced for your help
  7. I have a LG burner, its fantastic. I was tossing up between it and a pioneer. Chose the LG as I see some of the cheaper media dosent work on some pios. I use nero9, the lg burning suite, Image burn, and anydvd HD plus found a good free bit of software WinX Blu-ray decrypter
  8. honestly I`m suprised select are still in business. I dont see alot of future left in them. I was once a select costomer but moved to austar. Havent regretted it since
  9. also interested
  10. WOW, looks like this has just steped up a gear!
  11. I have a copy of wall-e missing some of the lable, near the middle. Works just fine...dosent skip a beat
  12. I had the w5500 (ticketed at 1799 at costco) and lower around......but not a great set, SD tv looks average at best, poor blacks
  13. Hands down winner, lets not forget his best work to date: Big Stan
  14. not to sure but by the sounds of they have covered all bases http://forums.whirlpool.net.au/forum-replies.cfm?t=1371017 So you guys who have/ are considering buying one...check it out
  15. Just been reading on whirlpool about this TV. Seems some of the guys have been doings some testing and its not Full Hi Def at all, Various software and devices saying its 1366X768. This isnt good news at all