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  1. Hi All, I have been trying to find the original KEF 3005SE speaker stands and they have been discountinued and just wonder if any other manufacturers will fit. I bought the nordstone stands and they don't fit at all. Or if anything knows someone will sell a second hand one would be great.
  2. Harry potter 6 - half blood prince $12 Resident Evil 4 afterlife - $30 Terminator Sarah connor Chronicles - $60 All prices include shipping
  3. I will be interested a well depending on price Keen for an upgrade now!!
  4. I was quoted $15 for local NSW shipping.
  5. Just got a confirmation from simparts australia that he is happy to do the Apiga AP2 for $280 special for forum members. Please let me know if you are interested. I am getting in touch with the guy and they are located in Bathurst. I am planning to buy this sometime next week.
  6. Are you located in Sydney? If so we can arrange to ask for a discount for 2 units
  7. Today I come across with a ferrari which has 7 speed gearbox just wonder how do I get the g27 shifter to work?
  8. Got the price from apiga reseller in aus. The Price for the AP2 is $299 and I can give you a group discount. >> >> 3-5 is $290 >> 6-10 is $285 >> 10+ is $280 Shipping is additional. > For gear shift mount with the group buy please add $55 each. > > The rear seat rail with the group buy please add $70.00 each So there isn't much discount there, if I don't get even interests, I might decide to get it myself. The reseller is located in sydney and pickup is available to save shipping
  9. Does anyone know where the reseller is located ?
  10. Based on apiga hk website the ap2 only cost 1500hk approx $200 AUD based on exchange rate I am asking my friend and check on the cost of shipping after new year and see if they can do a cheaper price The aus reseller seems expensive unless they are willing to lower the price for a group buy Regarding wheelstand pro I don't like it becos the vertical stand is in the middle and when play it ur legs will often rub against the ppole while the apiga has the poles on both sides
  11. Is anyone interested in getting this racing seat?
  12. For sale: Legion - US region free $20 posted 72 tenants of prosperity - region free HK Movie $20 posted Ku Fu Chefs - region free HK Movie $18 posted Harry Potter 1-5 HD DVD $20 posted Harry Potter 6 $12 posted Fast and Furious 1-3 HD DVD $12 posted Fast and Furious 4 $15 posted
  13. Does anyone know if 3d blu ray will also contain 2d version? I have 2d player and 2d tv
  14. Legion - US version region free $22 shipped Watched once perfect condition
  15. Rambo reloaded (sealed) $10 shipped