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  1. $1696 from JB Hi Fi in Kawana tonight. Very pleased with the price and will get the forms filled in to redeem my bonus pack asap
  2. It was the only one on the shelf or I would have been tempted to get some more at that price
  3. Just got the Predators Trilogy for $19.95 an The Goonies 25th Anniversary Edition for $24.95 from VideoEzy. Both absolute bargains (the Predators one especially). Won't let me insert the image for some reason?!
  4. Or you could check Amazon UK which have a small selection of HK/martial arts movies on blu where you know they will play on region B machines. Prices are good at the moment. For example Bodyguards & Assassins for £11.99 (and I'd reccomend it, it's a really good movie).
  5. I was pretty disappointed with this. Don't expect a flawless HD picture. It didn't look that much better than DVD, IMHO.
  6. Pandorumand Serenity for 9.99 from I enjoyed both films and they look great on Blu, so you may want to snag them.
  7. Yeah, I have seen this and it's part of Arnie's downward slide (along with Sixth Day, End of Days and all those God-awful kids movies he did) so wasn't tempted even at $15.
  8. The only other thing I was tempted by for $15.98 was Eraser (I know, but I have a soft spot for Arnie's action movies) but ended getting that at KMart for $12 because I couldn't find another two BD's cheap to go with it.
  9. I picked up Payback, Beetlejuice and Poltergeist for $15.98 each and Troy (Directors Cut), Hot Fuzz and The Corpse Bride for $19.99 each at JB Hi Fi at Kawana.
  10. Just picked up Swordfish, Blow and Training Day for $12 each from JB Hi-FI in Kawana. Also got the Inglorious Basterds limited edition tin set for $25 (last one they had as well). Lots of stock on (and under) the shelves.
  11. Ones I've played and enjoyed Army of Two - specifically designed as a 2 player experience Little Big Planet - up to 4 players on-screen at the same time Wipeout HD - Brilliant for challenging mates - either in Tournament mode (for racing) or Eliminator (for combat). Resistance: Fall of Man - up to 4 players offline tournament Soul Caliber IV - great fighting game
  12. Cheers Dave I've actually got a PS3, hooked up to my Kuro as a media center/blu ray player/games console, and love it to bits. I'm an old school Sony boy and have each of the PS's as they've come out:) But, the 360 does have some very good exclusive games out for it, and you can get if for $198 with Halo Wars from Wow Sight and Sound, so it sounds like a bargain. It's just that I've read/heard so much negative/bad press about them that I was reticent to pull the trigger without getting some more info. May have to pop out and get one now.
  13. I saw the arcade console is down to $198 and was kind of tempted. But it doesn't have an internal HD and isn't backwards compatible, is that right? And do all arcade consoles now come with HDMI out? Is RROD still an issue with XBox's? Can you drop in a new, larger laptop HD like with the PS3? Quite fancy games like Halo, Gears of War and Left 4 Dead, but don't want to end up having to pay out more and more to get the Arcade version up to scratch.
  14. Trust me, it was definitely the blu-ray I picked up
  15. Uh, not sure, I dropped in and it was just on the shelf stickered at $26.95, so it was a pretty much no-brainer purchase at that price. Watched it last night, much better second time round and video and audio are awesome. The inital assault and helicopter crash and the moto-terminator chase are both awesome