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  1. Dick Smith has for PS3 (3rd Feb - 22 Feb) Lego Rockband - $37.97 Colin McRae Dirt2 - $44.97 Transformers 2 - $44 Red Faction Guerilla - $48.38 WWE Smackdown v Raw 2010 - $49.97 Batman: Arkham Asylum - $59.98 Plus some other games for other formats. Had to ask at counter (none on the shelves).
  2. There was only 1 console that I saw and it was on a clearance table, still in its box. There might be others floating around (who knows). mcduck did you decide to buy? Was it there?
  3. There was a 40Gb at Harvey Norman Browns Plains for $450 or so yesterday lunchtime.
  4. Spoke too soon. Won't work again. I've got the codes worked out for the Harmony One tv's inputs now so I think i'll just hook it up into the tv again.
  5. Well just turned everything on and it works... Go figure. Only thing I can think of is I'd maybe turned the wii on first yesterday. I know from hours of frustrating experience that the TV has to go on first then the AVR, then when they have finished hand shaking i can turn to the input i'm going to use and then turn on the device. Sony TV has to have HDMI control switched on otherwise I don't get HD audio from XE1. So Wii is now working through 5300ES. Thankyou for your responses guys, much appreciated. G.
  6. Cables are in the correct sockets, firm connection at wii end (plugging into tv works fine so cables aren't the problem). I've assigned the input for Video 1 to composite for Video and analog for audio. It should work but it must be getting stuck up upscaling or copy protection or has a hardware problem. I might have to dig out an old dvd player with composite for video and see what happens. I've only used S or component with this AVR so far, and HDMI of course.
  7. Starting to have problems with my EP10 The picture is purple and green and extremely pixelated when turned on and mostly on DVD. Turning it off and back on fixes it most times. Had similar symptoms with my radeon 9800pro when it died in my PC. The very first symptom was about 2 months ago when i had short thin red vertical lines appear from the start of a movie (anacondas 3 - thought it was an effect at first; don't bother watching it if you haven't seen it). Got to say 2 year warranty is nice. Will call toshiba service tomorrow.
  8. Hi all, I've been trying to connect my sister's wii up to my AVR via Video 1 using composite (yellow) for video and analog (red and white) for the audio. I've changed the input to composite for video and analog for the audio in the assign input menu. AVR connected to TV via HDMI naturally. I'm getting sound but no picture. My Sony 52" XBR (2007) says it's receiving 480p from the reciever but just black screen. The receiver is making a clicking noise every few seconds like it's trying to do something and while on input Video 1 it won't bring up the menu. I can change to another input (eg HDMI 1) and then bring up the menu no problem. The wii connects to my tv's side port Video 2 and works flawlessly, and i'd stick with that but i've got a harmony one and i'm trying to make life easier for my sister. Because the tv and avr are control linked via hdmi the tv switches to hdmi 1 when the avr turns on. Of course the harmony doesn't know this so it continues sending down commands to the tv changing from Video 2 down to HDMI 1 when changing activities. Is there a setting in the wii that i need to change? Should I buy some component wii cables? Is there a setting in the AVR or TV that i'm missing? G.
  9. I tried 3 different targets and wasted my time on 3 occasions. Went to JB and picked up 3 for $62. Lots more to choose from. The usual buy 2 get 1 free deal, all with the big yellow stickers to make it easy.
  10. Trying to send you a message but your inbox is full.
  11. Target has a Pro Gamer pack for the ps3. For $30 you get a dual contoller charging stand and a IR remote with dongle. You'll probably have to teach the harmony the codes but that's no biggie. I'm picking one up next time i'm out that way (could have bought it but the queues were too damn long on Saturday).
  12. Installed Home a couple of days ago... reserved 3Gb of space and just keeps timing out on me when i try to connect. Might keep trying but chances are i'll delete and get my precious 3Gb back.
  13. Just bought a Harmony One today aswell!!! Charging.... ooh the anticipation Got it for $239 at Computer Alliance. Price at DSE $298. Price at Clive Peeters Loganholme just went up on the 11th to $399 and lowest my mate can do is $330 for me. Aussie dollar... so if you're in the market look into it soon cause you will pay more if you wait, seriously. Also bought a Harmony 785 for my parents for xmas ($135 at Umart - cheapest elsewhere is $179 to $199). Fingers crossed it makes life easier and not harder (there are always things that don't quite go right - like not having surround sound from BD on PS3 arghh). Researching I found it difficult to find a decent picture of the 785 that shows all buttons and layout. Clive Peeters had a demo 785 in the display case to try out so have a look around. Please charge faster.... Anybody got experience with the IR remote adaptor for the PS3? Seen one at Game for $15 but are the remote codes in the logitech database? What have you got, where from, and does it do the job? Obviously don't care about the remote itself just the usb adaptor.
  14. SUPER RUB'A'DUB I've got the demo and it ain't too bad, have to pay for the full game and download only i think.