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  1. I can't see how moving the speakers slightly inward is going to remove the 35-40Hz hump.
  2. Thanks for your advice Al. I understand what to do in terms of equalisation for the subs.
  3. I don't have any real scope to change speaker placements OR sub placements. I had a sound consultant indicate that he wouldn't do anything more with the room in terms of acoustic treatment, and said that the sound stage is very good with the S6's. So as you see I am interested in getting the utmost out of what I currently have. At present the bass sound is very deep and tight - the way I like it. Yes at present there is a peak at around 30-40Hz, and it is apparent at times, but is not in any way boomy or uncontrolled.
  4. Can you please explain this.
  5. The >150 Hz stuff is not a major concern. I have an electric projection screen that comes down in front of the TV .. yes. Vicoustic SBE's panels in the corners ... there is nothing behind them but the SBE's (super bass extremes) have some depth to them. As for screwing up stereo imaging ... hmm well I am getting a very nice stereo stage already. I have had a number of people complement me on the sound, particularly the stereo image (a strength of the S6's), so I just don't buy what you are saying about the stereo image full stop. The S6 speakers are in a position so as to not interfere with the viewing of the sides of the screen.
  6. Here are 2 photos showing the front of the room and the rear ... Frequency plot done in Excel and snipped into Word. The top curve is with the SVS subs in action and the lower curve is with NO subs. FreqPlot.docx
  7. Yes I have and there are some small issues.
  8. Yes ... this could be the key issue. The ISP, of course in trying to eke out more profit, will provide the minimum bandwith/whatever to service its clients. It could then be a matter that we demand more from our ISP's .....
  9. Also to keep people posted, David Mosely (WaveTrain) HAS contacted me and he is investigating whether a local retailer in Perth will be able to demo the Trinnov in action. If this is the case, this would be very beneficial.
  10. I think that it is the Trinnov ST2 HiFi unit that I am wanting to know more about rather than the ST2 Pro. It seems that the HiFi model is more akin to someone like me interested in just maximising his 2-channel music sound in my room. By the way, some have suggested that I have already made the decision to purchase the Trinnov ... NO that is not correct, and I am still evaluating all options. I do thank members for the considered opinions so far. Apologies if it may have come across to the contrary.
  11. Thank you for your input.
  12. Phase corrections and time delays. Also the way you can customise the readings taken and then apply weights to the positions used.
  13. Thank you for the information about other products. From my reading that I am doing these other products don't all do what the Trinnov does.
  14. Are you aware that frequency equalisation is a small part of the Trinnov ?
  15. The question is which will have more impact in terms of improvement ... spending $5-6K on equalisation/phase/time delay improvements OR $5-6K on better speakers? I have already satisfied myself that spending another $5-6K on speakers is NOT going to achieve a significant improvement given the speakers I already have. For me it is matter of optimizing what I currently have.