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  1. The listed price is the best I've seen for one in as new condition from a reputable seller. eBay prices for instance are between $400 - $450 second hand so i wouldn't expect to get a reply with a cheaper price because it won't last too long.
  2. Hi guys, looking for an Arcam A38 Integrated Amplifier in black, great condition preferred. Will pay good money for it plus postage. Let me know if you have one, surely someone is wanting to upgrade to an A49! Regards
  3. Item: Multi-Channel Amplifier - 5-7 channels Price Range: $800-$1900 Item Condition: New or Used Extra Info: Finally looking to go separates and I am looking for a 5-7 multi-channel amplifier. Given the rarity of these popping up I'm going to keep the brand general and work with what may be available. But amps from the usual suspects such as Elektra, Arcam, NAD, Anthem. W4S, Rotel, etc. are on the radar. If you have one surplus to your needs let me know. ​Happy to pay for freight, I'm on the Sunshine Coast.
  4. ooh, someone poked the bear!
  5. Those Rotel 15 series amps sure are pretty, this price is red hot too!
  6. not sure if they are v3 and might be an obvious place to look but….. http://www.gumtree.com.au/s-ad/castle-hill/speakers/new-paradigm-signature-adp3-s/1117374104
  7. There's not many things you can't do with this machine, with up to 4 zones it's an awesome central nervous system for multi room AV!
  8. can't argue with that!
  9. Yeh it's funny, there wasn't one person at my work that had heard of it as an option, they all thought if it's older than 12 months you are on your own.
  10. Hi All, This has been covered a bit over at Whirlpool but thought I would put forward a recent experience I had with a Samsung 60" Plasma and a statutory warranty claim just so people know they are covered and a reminder that extended warranties are garbage and not needed. Anyway I brought a top of the line 60inch Samsung plasma from a guy second hand about 10 months ago and I made sure that I got a copy of his original purchase receipt from TGG at the time. The TV is a total of 3 years old and recently the power supply decided to explode (noise, sparks the whole bit!). Having heard about the Statutory Warranty I thought I would give it a go. I contacted Samsung by web chat (after they didn't answer the phone) which worked well because i could clearly let them know my problem and that I was making a statutory warranty claim. Once she was clear that she couldn't bring the TV back to life she proceeded to arrange a collection of the TV by the local service agent at Samsung's cost. I had to give them a copy of the receipt and sign a waiver to say they could repair it but long story short the next thing I heard was confirmation the Power Supply had died and that Samsung had authorised the repair at their cost. I now have the TV back and its purring like a kitten so happy days! From memory to be legible for this level of warranty claim your TV has to be purchased in 2010 or later and I think its available up until the TV is 8 years old (or thereabouts), needless to say if i have any other issues I will be repeating exactly what I did above.
  11. Nice TV but getting on now, I've seen the 608s go for around $800 so being a 609 maybe a bit more? That said there maybe a Pioneer fan out there that has to have one and will pay more than that. Good luck if you decide to sell.
  12. Haha, let's not let first hand experience get in the way of a good opinion! The OP is clearly looking at the marantz to match his new Pre so the squabble about which player is better would be falling on deaf ears! If performance was an issue he would be looking for a CA player! Good luck with the search mate, I'm a lover of matching components too but I haven't been able to master it yet though!
  13. Haha, might be some generalisations there! I've bought and sold on gumtree, PayPal for items I can't see in person, haven't been burnt yet, let's face it there are scammers everywhere, they've even been here in the past too.