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  1. I have not received my set yet but here is a comment from d514 on the bluray forums who received his copies from Germany about three days ago and has watched all three. The bold highlighting is mine. "About language/subtitles: All three movies have English picture masters. So stuff like locations and "24 hours earlier" are burned in. When I select German audio there are additional subtitles, so it's English and German. The German subtitles are off when English audio is selected. It get's a little more complicated with English subs for non English speaking parts. On the first movie the subtitles are also burned in English. On the second movie the subtitles are not burned in but player generated German. With English audio the subtitles are also German... I didn't find any non English parts on the third movie. Picture quality: Disappointing. The contrast on the first movie is too high. Robert Downey Jr. and Gwyneth Paltrow look like they were in the sun for too long. There is not really any additional sharpness compared to the Blu-ray and small halos are visible in some scenes. The Blu-ray by comparison is too bright. The grain isn't better on the UHD either. I can only compare to the German Blu-rays. I don't know if the US discs were better. The second movie is a little better. There is a slight uptick in sharpness compared to the Blu-ray. The contrast isn't as unnatural as on the first one but still too high. The third one has the best quality. Contrast and sharpness are good. According to Concorde all three movies were sourced from 2K DIs. All three movies are on triple layer BD100. Iron Man 1+2 are about 59GB in size. The third one has about 70GB. All the extras are included on the UHD discs."
  2. And Sanity has too.
  3. I sent a question to JB on their website, asking why there were no "4K UHD + BD + UV" mummy series movies available for pre-order, seeing they are due for release on 10th of May 2017. I received a reply that they exist on the back end of their website but not on the public part. I suggested that they get their act together otherwise I might be forced to pre-order them from another retailer. They said they would see what they could do. Regards Bernie Update:- when they got back to me with more details, I hit them with another list. 2 Planet of the apes movies, 2 Despicable me movies and xXx return of xander cage movie. poor guy was speechless.
  4. Current exchange rate means that is over $31 AUD plus you still need to add in postage. also how long to wait for postage, I know lately it has been better but in the past it was sometime a 4 or 5 weeks wait.
  5. Hi C M I took the plunge early in Jan this year when Prices were very low. (60" Samsung 4K UHD TV for $1350, Samsung UBD-K8500 4K UHD player for $298 and Sony STR-DH770 4K receiver for $639). Since then I have added 40 movies to my collection in 4K UHD, with 4 more on order and 11 in the wishlist waiting for when they will be released. It took me 3 years to amass 90 3D movies, and 3 weeks to sell them all off, after moving to 4K format. I really enjoy the 4K movies especially those with the HDR effect.
  6. Just received an email saying these have been sent, plus a 2 Euro discount was applied because of the pre-order price guarantee on the first movie. order total was actually EUR 82,92 AUD 120.72 for all three movies. that compares favourably with local releases even including the postage from Germany to Australia. Update:- Three hours after receiving email that movies were sent, I received another email with an $8.68 refund because of price drops after my order was sent. These movies cost me $37.50 each delivery paid to Australia.
  7. All three have had a price drop of $10 approx.
  8. Shouldn't this be in the 4K Ultrahd Blu-Ray Title Trade thread ?
  9. My guess is EZYDVD are trying to con the early adopters. The price will probably drop close to release date. But do EZYDVD have a preorder price guarantee ? I don't know.
  10. Thanks for the tip, have added to my wish list, but hoping the price drops, $55 is a bit steep for a cartoon.
  11. I still prefer to have the physical DVD discs in a clear BD case on my shelf, all media stored alphabetically, regardless of DVD BD or UHD. Must be an old persons weakness. ( approaching 70 in a year or so)
  12. And just to be different the US version has 2 UHD discs and one BD with only the extras on it not the episodes.
  13. Don't know many smurf fans but a new release in the UK, possible coming to Australia soon.
  14. My pre-order was for 39.xx but because of the latest price drop they sent me an $8 refund. Thanks JB
  15. I still have approx 25 DVDs left from an original total of approx 800, just cant part with some titles, eg. Bicentennial man, Down periscope, My Chauffeur & the Secret of Santa Vittoria to name a few. Titles which get the 4K & HDR treatment will replace the BDs I have now (also approx 800) And if if any of my DVD titles ever get released on Blu-ray, they will also be replaced with upgrades.