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  1. I was thinking this:
  2. Hi - does anyone know where I can pick up a Kinect TV Mount (the brackets that attach behind the TV) in the Brisbane area? Im buying a Kinect this week and want to make sure Im setup properly from day one!
  3. Sorted, simply unplugged it at the mains and then back in. Not sure what caused the problem though but at least its working.
  4. Getting this msg when trying to access Movie Library on Demand. All cables are connected and internet is working fine (Im using my laptop as I type). The original setup was done a week and half ago and I've downloaded movies a couple of times. Any ideas?
  5. Thanks DrP, that is advice worth knowing................ I can then use the savings to buy more CDs! Any recommendations on cheap CD players etc?
  6. Hi Guys - I'm really looking to get some recommendations for a CD Player to compliment my current setup.............. its all very foreign to me!! My setup is: - Sony STR-DA5300ES AVR - JBL ES80 Speakers At the moment I play CDs through my PS3 or via the hard drive of my Xbox, but I'm keen to get a little bit more from my music. With a baby on the way my budget is limited, albeit I'm still keen to hear any recommendations from entry to high end............ at least to give me something to work towards! I'm also open to any other ideas on what is worth connecting to my setup in order to round of my initial investment (eg Tuners etc). The above has a PS3 & Xbox connected and a Sony Bravia HDTV. Thanks in advance.
  7. amazing series and outstanding on BD. Will be waiting until Pacific is released on BD before watching it, I love back to back episodes over the course of a weekend!!!!
  8. Thanks guys, it seem's the fix was staring me in the face........... slightly embarrassed now!
  9. Can anyone help me with a wee issue I'm expereincing. I had previously been able to get DTS-HD sound etc from my PS3, however last night I went to watch DarkNight and I noticed it was only giving me DD5.1. I tried 'I Am Legend' and noticed it was also only giving me DD5.1. I looked at the audio settings and could see any lossless formats in the list. The PS3 is definitly set to LPCM and I also have the lastest update. HELP!!!
  10. Went in behind it all and found a loose wire........... all sorted!
  11. Hey Guys, started having a problem with my Xbox360. I am still getting sound however the pitcure is not coming through and is instead showing what is best described as snow. Any thoughts, is the Xbox gone or could it just be the leads (I've tested the TV and its ok). Thanks in advance.
  12. Thanks guys for the options, I'll get on it today.
  13. This is probably a simple question, but my AVR cuts out (reverts to Standby) during movies when certain pitches are hit at certain volume levels, anyone know what it is and how to fix it? I'm running a PS3 through a Sony DA5300ES with JBL Speakers. Thanks in advance.
  14. Cheers lads, Multiplayer is a big need for me (I keep in touch with my mates in Scotland via Live) so if you can let me know how it works that would be great.
  15. I've dug around and searched without succes, but can anyone tell me whether UK Purchased games work on an Aussie Xbox 360 and PS3? I just have a cousin coming out and was thinking about getting him to pick up a game or two for me. Thanks in advance.