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  1. Here's a review of the Toshiba 900ee http://www.hifichoice.co.uk/review_print.asp?ID=1112 http://www.homecinemachoice.com/reviews/hc...hibaSD-900E.php This is the new model: http://www.castel.com.au/Toshiba/ProductDe...ductCode=SD9500 Looks like I was wrong about it doing SACD though. This one also does DVD-A at a cheaper price: http://www.castel.com.au/Toshiba/ProductDe...ductCode=SD530E I believe Marantz have an excellent player that does both SACD and DVD-A. Steve
  2. If you want the high resolution, then you need to connect the player to your receiver/amp via the 6 channel analogue connectors. High resolution will not be transmitted via coax or optical connectors. For the best CD playback, you connect via the two stereo analogue connectors however the digital coax and optical connectors also sound very good for cd playback. I have the Toshiba 900EE from a couple years ago, which is an excellent player but mine doesn't do SACD (I believe the current/latest version does). Very happy with all sound and video. I have not bought any DVD-A discs in Australia (either no range or too expensive). Mine come from USA and UK (Amazon & Tower). Hope it helps, Steve
  3. Does anyone know when in November we can expect this much anticipated update? In my experience with other updates and upgrades from all sources (ie not just digital TV and PC software), November can mean anywhere from 1-Nov-03 to 29-Feb-04! Obviously, the sooner the better!
  4. I have a powerful machine but cannot currently enjoy HDTV! Hopefully the fix is for all machines! And hopefully the fix gives 5.1 sound when available (this was my main reason for going with a HD capable card rather than a cheaper SD). All HD channels except 7HD are 'jerky' and/or out of sync for video and audio on my system, which is Intel P4 3.0G HT, 1G ram, Radeon 9800 Pro. The SD channels are perfect on all. Steve
  5. tvboy I did various recordings on my Nebula and then played through PowerDVD 5. All except 7HD gave a frame rate of 25 fps. 7HD was 50 fps. Changing de-interlace and resolution (UYVY/line doubled) settings had no effect on fps. Playback of the scrolling text on channel 7 guide was smoother with PowerDVD 5 than with DigiTV but a slight jerkiness (stop/start) was still noticeable. The only channel that doesn't show the jerkiness is 7HD (the only one with 50 fps). I do not receive SBS as yet, so can't comment there. Hope it helps Steve
  6. That may be, but I also noticed it on the Rugby League grand final, which was on channel 9! It is sort of like the analogue 'ghost' effect, but pixellated. I didn't notice it with the AFL telecasts but then, as an avid AFL fan, I was more interested in watching the action rather than noticing faults in picture quality!
  7. I have noticed with both my digital tv tuners (Nebula PCI & Strong 5200 STB) I can see a kind of haze (similar to the effect of a heat haze) surrounding the text on screen. I see it vaguely with the watermark but it is more evident on the Rugby channel, surrounding the score, and on the guide channels. a) anyone else seen this? is this likely to be an aerial/cabling problem? (I have RG6 quad-shielded cable and RF connectors but I did it myself!)
  8. that's 4 words
  9. I think we need to treat Brad as we would a 'learner driver' on the roads. Go easy on him, he is either very young or new to the English language (or an idiot, let's assume it's one of the former). In any event, I think he is genuinely trying to input and gain knowledge, as we all are.
  10. I am not so sure that every STB has it right! I have the Nebula PCI card which shows 'jerky' movement, albeit ever so slight, and as mentioned by others, is most notable on scrolling text. I get it on SD and HD. Sport shows an additional and different blur, which is the motion blurring/smudging frames. The PC is connected to a LCD monitor. I also have a Strong 5200 connected to my analogue TV (Toshiba 46" RPTV) and have noticed motion blur on that too! This is not the jerkiness (never seen that on the Strong) but the blurring of frames. I see this on sport (less frequent and much less noticeable than the Nebula) and on some (not all) TV shows. It is particularly evident on ABC's 'The Glasshouse', where whenever someone moves an arm vertically, I can see a 'trail'. like that seen when you move your PC mouse quickly around the screen/monitor. Anyone else experienced this?
  11. Every method of pausing gives unwatchable playback for me.
  12. Re: Timeshifting OK, maybe it works for you but I have not been able to get a satisfactory result on any channel, SD nor HD. Whenever I start playback, the image is completely broken up and only plays the recorded video up until the time I started playback (ie. pause live video and then start playback after 2 minutes. The video plays, broken pixelated image, for 2 minutes then stops). I usually get a message saying that DigiTV has a problem and program shuts down. My comment was based on these experiences. Theoretically it works but then theoretically we can have perfectly smooth video and 5.1 DD sound.
  13. dvbguy The software that comes with the Nebula and the Visionplus cards will let you timeshift. The Nebula does not do timeshifting. Recording does start immediately.
  14. I had noticed it but would prefer it (the mouse wheel) to control fast forward and reverse whilst using the media player, as in PowerDVD.
  15. I have seen mention of the Optoma range of DLP RPTV's at Audio Trends in Wantirna, Victoria but I personally have not viewed them. Could be worth a look.