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  1. Hi everybody, Just joined the forum but have been reading the SXRD threads for a while. Thanks to all for the fantastic information. I'm in New Zealand and have had my 60" SXRD for almost two weeks now (no shutdowns - knock on wood) and it's looking great. Just to update the NZ situation: The 70" is retailing for $8000 NZ ($7000 AUS), the 60" is $4000 NZ ($3500 AUS), and the 50" is $3000 NZ ($2625 AUS). Stock looks limited and I'm seeing less and less of them on the store floors. I managed to get a brand new 60" for $3700 NZ ($3240 AUS) with a demo SXRD stand and free delivery - which I was pretty happy with given that six months ago I would have had to pay close to double that. The guy at the Sony store told me that they'd had a run on them since they discounted the sets and that they were now out of stock, but they'd managed to source another shipment of units that were arriving mid-February, although most of those were to fill orders. So if you're in NZ and contemplating an SXRD I'd snap one up quick! Now as a proud owner of a 60" SXRD I'm obviously a little apprehensive about the shutdown issue. The NZ model (KS60R200A) is different as it doesn't have an inbuilt digital tuner, so I was thinking that this may help narrow down whether the tuner is the culprit. Have any of the NZ owners of the 60" experienced any shutdown problems? Happy viewing!