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  1. ** sorry, misread, thought these were the 3D versions **
  2. Apologies all, didn't realise I was contributing to activity that could shut this thread down. I'll keep my comments on topic form now on.<eom>
  3. So much anger....
  4. A 20% increase in one area of an organisation does not equate to a 20% overall profit. How much is the letters business is losing (due to the exponential decrease in letter volumes) and is the parcel business profitability enough to cover those losses? I suspect there (at least in part) lies some of the reasoning behind the latest price increase.
  5. Do you know if the controllers have 'Wii motion +' built in (I think it will state this at the bottom of the controller)? I believe the original controllers require an additional Wii motion + module to improve their motion sensing abilities, whereas later versions of the controller had the technology built-in. I can do the Vic market pickup.
  6. Registering interest in the wii. Do you ever get into the cbd?
  7. And I don't even think I got it. Haven't heard from Ben, so assume someone else nabbed it via PM
  8. I'll take this ben
  9. Will take this Ben.
  10. > Have a Copy of The Crew for PS4. Aussie Stock, excellent condition, but DLC used. > $32 + $2 postage or pickup at 3079 or in Melb CBD. SOLD
  11. Have a copy of The Crew for PS4. Aussie stock, excellent condition, but DLC used. $32 + $2 postage or pickup at 3079 or in Melb CBD.
  12. Can I grab the Corpse Bride please.
  13. Edge of Tomorrow 3D (+ 2D + UV) $19 inc post. Will take this Ben.
  14. Registering interest in walking dead & fringe s05 (pending price).
  15. Is battlefield multiplayer only or is there a single player campaign?