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  1. It worked ok for me. You unzipped and had the .ruf in the root of the drive? Make sure there is no disc in the drive and insert when player is on. I've tried calling samsung support about my problem yesterday and today, all I get is some fast-talker on the other end asking for my number to call me back... which never happens.
  2. I finally received C5900 player and 3d starter kit for this promotion after purchasing a PS50C7000. Not all good though, I am having problems with the picture, basically when it tries to switch to 3D it turns into a bunch of red and green vertical lines. All other type of playback has been fine incl. DVD's from this player. I have latest firmware for TV & Bluray player and tried an older HDMI cable I had and a brand new 1.4a spec cable. I'm having trouble finding any reference to a similar problem, any ideas? The 2D to 3D conversion appears to work OK so I'm a bit stumped.
  3. Thanks for posting mate, just took delivery! I had just started my research into a new TV purchase that afternoon, headed straight to DTV and basically your post, despite my lack of research it seemed like a pretty good deal (this was top end of my budget). Very happy with delivery time as they originally said minimum 14 days.
  4. Order placed for 2 x 2m as well. Now I just have to wait patiently for the ps3 to arrive.