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  1. Alan, I'm not technically minded, so a lot of what you said doesn't make a lot of sense to me, but I think you may have misinterpreted me. I live in a community with a self help anaolgue transmitter. We are trying to get together a quote / cost to upgrade to digital so we can start looking for funding sources. But we can't find any companies that can help, or are willing to help. The issue seems to be that we will be taking the feed from VAST (MPEG4) that will require a conversion to MPEG2 while retaining EPG and parental lock. And to date we haven't been able to find a company that can provide a stable solution to this.
  2. Does anybody know of anywhere in Australia where a self help site is successfully and reliably rebroadcasting the full suite of digital channels totally in accordance with the ACMA guidelines? IE. all channels, with EPG and parental lock, with a successful conversion to MPEG2.
  3. From the facebook page; "FX AUSTRALIA Channel 123 will switch over to FX at 6am on 26.2.12 and you'll be able to use the 'Record me' function from 8.30pm onwards"
  4. Hi, Not much of a user of the on demand service, but the other day went in to watch Scream 4, thinking I would be able to find it in the movies on demand section. However, the option to search all movies available has gone. Can only watch "new releases", "The Greats" and then a selection of movies based on themes. Anyone know why all the movies are no longer downloadable. Will this option be coming back? Thanks
  5. The other thing I notice is say if in a screen shot the screen in prodominantly all one colour like a close up of something, when the picture changes that colour seems to linger in pixels a little too long. Hard to describe, but is very annoying
  6. I agree with this; I have been holding off getting a new tv until I got my VAST box, but the picture breakup on these channels is atrocious, may as well stick with my old CRT now, a new tv will just make the poor quality stand out more.
  7. Thanks for that, the multi-switch has 8 outputs. I read on another site that I should terminate the outputs I am not using to avoid signal loss, is this a big issue, as the mutliswitch didn't come with any terminators. And by following the above, I can run both VAST and Foxtel as well as continue to record shows on a different foxtel channel all at the same time?
  8. Sorry guys, I don't have permission to start a new topic, so hopefully someone can answer my question in here. I have foxtel IQ via sattelite. Is there anything I can do that doesn't require changing the lnb or new cabling that will let me share a VAST box with foxtel from the pre-existing dish? A friend has given me a multiswitch, would this work? Somebody told me it would as there are two cables coming in for foxtel and that one is vertical and one is horizontal. However, another person told me that is incorrect and that they are just two cables to allow for IQ recording. Any advise would be appreciated. Please keep it basic cause I really don't understand this stuff cheers
  9. Thanks for this info. I have successfully converted my Mum's aurora over to VAST. My nephew is incredibly happy, he can watch ABC3 now
  10. Thanks for that, I was thinking more bigger picture though. If this is going to cost a lot to upgrade the self help site and the council physically don't have the money to do it without raising a specified area charge, and the government isn't going to help out, maybe our local ratepayer and community groups should be looking now at fund raising and grant oportunities available rather than wait till the last minute to do something about it. Back to your point though, where do I go, what do I need to buy to set up my own sattelite dish that will pick up the extra channels at my house?
  11. Hi, I live in country WA and my TV reception is provided by a self help site installed by my local council. Can anybody explain to me (in layman terms) what will needs to be done at these self help sites to convert them to digital when analogue gets turned off. Also, what sort of costs will be involved in upgrading the hardware in these sites? I have contacted the council and they have had little communication from the government on what will be involved and really have no plans in place to upgrade any time in the near future. TV transmission isn't really a core function of councils and understandably they would be reluctant to fund an upgrade at their sites out of general funds and would no doubt take out a specified area charge on ratepayers to fund the upgrade. Also, will there be any grants from the federal government to help subsidise the upgrade? Finally, is channel 10 coming to country WA, if so, when and will this only be in digital? If it does, will this mean that channel 10 content is removed from the analogue WIN coverage. (ie. will channel 10 AFL coverage be blacked out in country areas that are still only offering analogue channels?) I hope this makes sense, I really don't understand this stuff thanks