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  1. I hope they will release the individual movies, I have the original DVD EE; I don't need any duplication! Regards Phil
  2. Is there a noticable difference in quality between the HK version with the 7.1 tracks & the U.K & local 5.1 versions? Regards Phil C.
  3. Lot of tv shows are been shot in HD 1080p 24p, so it's the "video look" on this particular concert & this disc being imported from the U.S I assume it plays in 1080 60i... The concert was shot in England wasn't it? Must be converted from 50i to 60i... Regards Phil C.
  4. Is it recorded in HD 1080p 24 or 1080i 50? If this disc is sourced from the U.S it maybe 1080i 60, I hope not! Regards Phil C.
  5. I wouldn't classify their movies even SD or anamorphic widescreen! Blu-ray won't make it in Bollywood audiences because of one word; Stingey, sorry...
  6. It's pretty awesome in 720p not on Aus Blur FTA. The series is ok (copying Battlestar Galactica's dark style) but I miss the days of O'Neil's dry humour... Regards Phil C.
  7. How is it with the latest Full HD TVs we in Aus can play 1080i 50hz, 1080p 24hz, 1080 60i but the Americans can only play the 24 hz & 60i recordings on their equipment? I want to send some HD 1080i 50hz home recordings for friends to play on their PS3 but they would be unable to view them. What's so hard about having multi standards in North America? Are they that isolationist? Fracking unbelievable! Regards Phil C.
  8. I hope they make this available on DVD, I'm a Brisbane boy at heart (live in Sydney) & would love to see this doco... Regards Phil C.
  9. Further decline of good local drama on FTA, remember in the 80s & 90s with all the Aussie dramas, "A Country Practice", "Flying Doctors" etc. It's all reality crap on TV, my wife was an avid fan of "All Saints", just one show less we record each week. Only "Pack To The Rafters" now, that's it. We only watch shows on DVD & other means... I never forgave Ch 9 for taking "Rome" off after 1 or 2 episodes. Eventually be selling my Topfield... Regards Phil C.
  10. If I bought the Blu-ray series individually, are the contents exactly the same as the box set? I don't like the cylon boxset, would rather the more conventional Blu-ray cases... Regards Phil C.
  11. Yeah the PS3 is pretty reliable but l think I got the wrong idea about the mkv container format being properly supported on the HDX, it was just for convenience of having chapters & supposely subtitles; haven't been able to get subtitles working with the mkv files let alone with m2ts & ts files! Regards Phil C. P.S My CEO just found out, she saw the remote control, "not happy jan..."
  12. It's pretty cool, although I'm dissappointed tha the "mkv" files didn't work it out with the HD audio codecs; perhaps the firmware will be upgraded in the future? Regards Phil C. P.S My wife hasn't seen it yet, gonna be trouble soon!
  13. You're right, the Queen concert has a higher bitrate than normal, doesn't matter, having better luck with .m2ts &.ts files; the Denon is actually showing the audio codec used on the HDX something the PS3 never showed although it was playing correctly... Regards Phil C.
  14. The Denon is giving different info on different files, I have demuxed it to .m2ts file & it gives various results, couple show "DTS MA", mostly it shows "DTS Surround" or "Dolby Digital", my "Queen Rock Montreal" doesn't even play the DTS HD MA track, it's silent: the LPCM works though. How do we know it's playing the full HD codec & not the lossy core of the audio? I guess it's early days though, just got the unit yesterday; spent half the night getting the unit to work. A bit dissapointed about the MKV files; handy having chapters for the movie. Still trying to work this out, I'll keep everyone posted... Regards Phil C.
  15. Just setup my HDX 1000 to my Denon AVR 3808 & to my disappointment, my HD mkv files will not output the HD codecs i.e DTS-HD-MA or Dolby HD versions. According to the info on screen from the player it only shows the core of the audio used that is 1.5 Meg for DTS & 640k for Dolby. All my connections are ok, using HDMI thru out, is the HDX passing all the HD audio codecs or just the "lossy" part of the sound? Picture's great, just the HD audio support has me worried, would someone advise what I may be doing wrong in my setup? TIA Regards Phil C