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  1. JB Dandy
  2. Newly purchased TH-P65S20A for $2245
  3. I also recently rang to cancel my subscription (currently basic+sport+HD) and was offered all other packs except for movies for the same price I was currently paying ($83). I declined and a few days later I had a call offering me platinum HD for half price for 6 months, no contract and no negotiation.......was their first offer.
  4. is anyone else having trouble with the TV guide on the Foxtel website? I can view the guide when i am not logged in but the screen remains black (has all banners etc) when i log in. Have tried at work and at home and the same thing happens.
  5. also got a copy from JB for $23.99. The PQ is amazing (SQ is pretty awesome also).
  6. it was pretty poor laxine but think of all those people tuning in for the netball. LOL
  7. Yeah heard it. Then 10 went back to ads for a minute. Game was delayed for some reason...well that is what said. Picture has been no where near as crisp as the bulls v 76ers earlier. .....looks like they have now fixed the HD feed
  8. long time reader short time member first time poster i wanted to renew this thread as i am totally pissed at the number of dodgy people out there selling supposedly real blu-ray discs. i bought Walk Hard (its gotta be better than Norbit) the other day got it home and put it in my PS3, movie started straight away and when i pressed the pop up memu on remote the movie stopped and went to the main menu. i then put it in my EP-10 and the movie played also. i wouldnt trust the item location on listings either as this is the second time i thought i was dealing with someon in AUST only to have the package come from sth east asia anyhoo i am glad i purchased through PayPal and will not be buying off members with a low feedback no. members ebay name is kdbioscope love the forum BTW, it helped me pick my new tv and HT system