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  1. John and Hal, Thanks for your help, we'll give them a ring and see what happens. Regards, Phil
  2. Thanks for the reply. The setup was working OK when first installed. There's 2 outlets, one is still feeding the analogue TV and the other outlet goes to the set top box in another room. The set top box was bought to hook up to a projector. There seems to have been a gradual deterioration over 10 months or so, and it's also evident on the analogue signal. I realise that good advice costs money, and that's what we're after. I'm trying to avoid the situation where someone comes out, puts something up which doesn't do the job, and then expects to get a stack of money for it. We're happy to pay someone who really knows what he's doing the right amount of money. Regards, Phil
  3. Hi, The box is a Soniq DVB12. I know it's low end, but I should have also mentioned that the analogue reception on the other TV has also deteriorated and is now very snowy and ghosted as well, so I suspect an overall fall off in signal level. Regards, Phil
  4. Hello all, I'm trying to find a good antenna installer to help my parents out who live in Kincumber. They have an SD set top box and are getting marginal reception. They've tried contacting a few local guys but have had little success. Some of them we not even interested in coming out to take a look. My parents are on a limited income, but are happy to pay what it takes (within reason) to get better reception as long as the money spent is going to do the job. We're looking for a good specialist digital installer to have a look and make some recommendations. Thanks, Phil
  5. Are these available anywhere in Sydney? It seems Action Supermarkets don't have any stores here. Regards, Phil
  6. I was wondering when Digivision/Digibox HTPC was coming out of beta? Or did I miss something?
  7. Actually, I think the biggest single achievement of releasing the BDA drivers will be that we won't have to hear the whinges about no BDA drivers being available anymore!
  8. Renura, Could you tell me what the filter name is and what VP software it comes in? I've got the BDA WS version working well with the VP, but I'd like to try some MPG recordings as well as the dvr-ms format. Regards, Phil
  9. Hi JC, Does your Girder config for DigiTV have the Rewind control for the media player working properly? Ever since Nebula corrected the Windows Messages code for Rewind that is published on their web page, I've had a problem where pressing Rewind will cause DigiTV to go into rewind, but I'm unable to stop rewinding without multiple mouse clicks on the other transport control buttons. It just stops responding to IR input at that stage. I've checked the remote and Girder and cannot find a problem there. My IR repeater and Girder are both showing the correct code and that the code is not stuck on, but I'm getting nowhere solving the problem. I've notified Nebula, but they don't think the problem is in DigiTV. Regards, Phil
  10. maxxx, The buttons can be programmed using a JP1 cable and software. Do a Google on one-for-all and JP1 and you'll see some info on it. Be warned though, that there is a fairly steep learning curve involved. Regards, Phil
  11. While we're on a roll here, any chance of a gamma control for those cards that support it? Regards, Phil
  12. I'll second that. Saved me some time keying in commands. Now using: DigiTV, Meedio, IRMan, Girder, and Zensonic Z150 remote. Cheers, JC <{POST_SNAPBACK}> Thanks JC, You might also want to look at updated file to get the latest version. It's also now available on www.proximis.com. Regards, Phil
  13. Hi Phil, I think you should be able to do it in Zoomplayer by selecting vertical zoom only. You can then squash the picture down using the zoom feature, without affecting the horizontal width. Regards, Phil
  14. Avo, If you're the Avo I'm thinking of, see me at work on Monday, and I'll lend you a Radeon 9200 to test in your system to see what effect it has on your problem. Then you can safely ignore the rants of certain members here who seem to have no intention of providing any useful advice to you and just want to get on their usual soapboxes. Regards, Phil
  15. Hi Phil, Is it only divx files you're having problems with in those players, or DVD as well? Regards, (another) Phil