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  1. Hi Guys, I have a Wharfedale SW250 for sale includes the remote. about 2.5 years old. The remote is working perfectly but has a piece of plastic rattling inside it. Sub is in good condition cosmetically and works flawlessly. I'm selling because I've changed my system to Martin Logan Dynamo 1000. Looking for $250? PM me if interested. I'm in Mitcham, Melbourne. pics here.. https://drive.google.com/open?id=0B00LuMX4OqfBNWNDdEtRQ2tKeW8 review here http://www.whathifi.com/wharfedale/diamond-sw250/review
  2. Hi, nice reno job! Just wondering what speaker cable you are using there? 12 or 14 gauge? How much $ per metre?How's your sound proofing? Cheers
  3. So sorry about that. I totally missed your message. I'll get onto it right now.
  4. Thanks again for your help Michael. Now I'll go on the search for the best prices on the Atmospherix AS and Symmetrix. Spoke to a guy at Selby the other day who sounds like he knows his stuff. Any recommendations on where to find the best price on Krix speakers in Melbourne?
  5. Wow, thanks Michael for the great response. I was meant to say its a 7.1.4 setup I'm going for so your info was great. Just to clarify when you say "On both models, having the two sources close together and firing in the same direction minimises off-axis cancellation" does this basically mean the 2 front ceiling speakers need to be close together (how close together would you recommend?) and aimed towards the listening position? Do you think the Symmetrix speakers would be good for the surround back and surround left and right? Are bipole speakers the best for surrounds? If so are there many good in-wall bipole surrounds? Thanks for your help again. Cheers, Paul
  6. Hi guys, I must say I've learnt so much from you guys about home theatre over the years, so thanks for that. I'm setting up a new home theatre as we are getting a renovation done at home. I want to make it as good as sound insulated as possible. I want to have pretty high-end sound if possible. So if its a matter of a few hundred dollars for a better sound I'll do it. I loke listening to music too. Got a Project Audio essentials record player recently. The size of the room is 4.7m long 3.6m wide, with carpeted floor. Here's what I have so far.. I currently have an Epson TW9000W (looking to upgrade to the TW9300) - anyone interested in buying this one? Oppo BDP 103AU Region free Mod (looking to upgrade to the UDP203) Yamaha Avantage 3050 ATMOS Reciever 120" motorised Scope screen Front Speakers Martin Logan Motion 40's and Motion 6 centre I am going for a 7.1.2 Dolby Atmos setup Some Questions.. Surround speakers: I was looking at getting Krix Symmetrix in-wall speakers X 4 for surrounds and backs - any recommendations on other in-wall brands? (has to be in-walls or on-walls). I saw some Martin Logan passage speakers for a good price but they don't have back boxes, and they are quite old now (out of production). Dolby Atmos Height Speakers: For the Atmos speakers I already have used the Krix Atompherix (bout about 8 years ago) and could transfer them over but was looking at new Atmospherix AS, or Atmospherix A20 (angled speaker). Could anyone tell me which of these would be better for the Dolby Atmos overhead speakers. The A20 have an angled speaker. Are the new Atmospherix AS better than the older Atmospherix? Or is there another brand I should be looking at? Sound Proofing: I have heard some great advice from others in this forum using Gyprock "Fyrechek" 13mm plaster (as opposed to 10mm sheet). What are the best acoustic insulation bats should I ask for in the walls and ceiling? Speaker Wire and HDMI: I need to get a fair bot of speaker wire. I suppose Selby would be the best place for this? What guage would you recommend, 12? Also a long HDMI cable that is future proof as much as possible. Thanks for your help. Have I missed anything here? Maybe I've overlooked something important. Thanks guys. Paul
  7. I have the Krix Atmospherix in-ceilings and they sound great. I'm building a new room and plan to make an atmos theatre out of it. Has anyone heard the Krix SYMMETRIX in-walls? Im planning on using them as surrounds and backs. I have Martin Logan Motion 40 and Martin logan centre.
  8. Hi Guys, I've got may Oppo BDP103AU for sale with Pro mod for region free installed. Awesome Bluray player. Looking to upgrade. $550 would be what I'm after for this. Includes manuals, remote, original Box, HDMI cable. I'm in Mitcham, Melbourne. I'll add some photos when I get home. Thanks, Paul
  9. Picked up the 65ks8000 last night. Very happy. Awesome picture. SD even look good on this.
  10. My space suits the 65" version. Just got a great price through Union Shopper. Think I'll go with that.
  11. Hi guys, After reading the reviews of the new Samsung 65KS8000 it looks like it will be my next TV. I've rang JB Hifi and Good Guys in Melbourne today and they literally have just unboxed these TVs and put them on display. Looking at $5499 retail price but would be able to get around $5000 for the 65". I suppose because they are so new the price wont get better than that for a while. Might just have to wait a month and see what happens.
  12. I just got the Martin Logan Dynamo 1000. It is a great sub. I've partnered it with the Martin Logan Motion 40s and centre 30. I have Krix rear speakers. Plety of boom in the bass. Great for music too, very controlled, precise bass. I got mine from Big Picture People but you can get them from other places. I paid $1295.
  13. Hi, I'll take $1000 for the Aventage 3000. Pm me if interested.