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  1. @Crazy_Stu Strong SRT-6100 Twin HD PVR is in-stock, killer price $329, features and user interface. Video review here http://t.co/tUkFC9hD

  2. End of the road for Magic TV 4000, may be a few reconditioned units kicking around but that's about it. What about the Mediastar HD-8200 as it has advanced ad skip, fast forward / rewind functionality. We did a video review here http://crazystu.com....s-p-324716.html or drop in for a demo if you can make it to the Central Coast.
  3. Hi All, Anyone interested in a MagicTv Box for $300 Delivered (can also throw in wifin) ? Vendor increased pricing June, please understand offering at s loss as product is without box. Just email me if your interested admin@crazystu.com.au. I can email photo's etc if required. Full 1yr product warranty & 100% satisfaction guarantee. It's been returned by a customer who reported signal drop issues with the box. Tested the unit now and what do you know........unit scans and records as you would expect, tuners 1 & 2 both working a-ok......... PVR, accessories and manual are all mint, no scratches etc. I'm pretty sure he only had the unit for 2-3 days before asking to return it, clearly the PVR's fault and no further discussion type of guy, ......to top it all off, what does he do? Send back the unit without the original product box. Well thanks, thats my little vent lol....
  4. Right back at you. PVR pricing 4th quarter 2011; Pricing is set to increase between 15-20% due to the worldwide HDD manufacturer shortages caused by flooding in Thailand
  5. Free postage on Magic TV 4000 for the next 3 days for DTV registered members only. Offer ends Wednesday 2nd Nov. 12pm midnight. Only requirement is that you have an active DTV Forum account and include your username when checking out. Please ensure that you write in the notes section on checkout "DTV MEMBER USERNAME ____" It's 100% mandatory requirement to get the added bonus of free postage and really a gimme just to say a big thank you to DTV for all it's support over the last 4 years. If you have any questions or need help signing up an account please private message us in advance as orders placed without Member ID will be cancelled Link to free postage special http://crazystu.com.au/Magic_TV_MTV4000PVR...r-p-324789.html Regards Stu
  6. Apologies, the file is 25.1mb I've updated the link in our previous post just to be safe. Here it is again anyways. http://crazystu.com.au/files/mtv4000_5_04AU.upg Heart attack at 11.30pm...............arghhh
  7. DM you can view Jeremy's full review post magictv 4000 firmware upgrade here http://forums.whirlpool.net.au/forum-repli...852&p=4#r64 No doubt you think it's a sock puppet, conspiracy theory et al .......
  8. Perhaps you should ask YESS AV. We're a retailer not vendor. Why do you assume that because we do our best to support our customers and vendors that we have an inherent responsibility for software updates of the goods that we sell.Nothing nice to say? DM Dave better known as Damage Dilbert. Interests; Conspiracy, Aliens, UFO's etc. Your constant hijacking of threads leaves a lot to be desired, maybe it's time you answered some SHILL account possibilities on your part as you are a serial pest! GROW UP We don't bump, troll threads or have multiple accounts. Your total disrespect for others with questions re any product leaves a bitter taste in my mouth and I've had it up to here! GROW UP
  9. Hi All, We have new firmware for MagicTv 4000 owners that improves de-interlacing on large screen LCD/plasma etc in progressive mode. Hopefully comments on said improvements before launch on the manufacturers site will be forthcoming. http://crazystu.com.au/files/mtv4000_5_04AU.upg Quick rundown as to why Pixel Magic created the update: - MagicTV is one of the only/ if not the only true twin HD PVR with integrated internal hard drive employing 1080P Sigma Processors in Australia, to my knowledge (please correct me if I'm wrong). Sigma design chipsets are also commonly used in high end dedicated media players, bluray players and av receivers. Having said this, it does make MagicTV a unique PVR on the Australian landscape as resolution and picture quality are the key elements of it's design. OK maybe a tad sales pitch, bear with me. - Jeremy, a user, brought a valid point to the table re progressive resolution on large screen DTV's and PJ's. Email exert " Hello Im using a 2011 model panasonic viera. I am running 5.02 firmware, which had no influence on deinterlace quality that the chip is capable of. Using 1080p it seems to be doing the most basic deinterlacing ever (BOB). I seriously purchased the Magic TV because it 'boasts' a Pixel Magic chip - only to find absolutely non of the features the chip supports are actually being implemented when scaling to 576p/720p/1080p. " Reply, " Hi Jeremy – I will forward your emails to Pixel Magic’s Chief Engineer for them to comment on." - Long story short his response was positive re the improvement so I urge users to try out the new firmware. "It Worked! My jaw dropped as I was flicking through the channels. Seriously the picture has improved so much it's made excited to watch TV again. Before the 1080p just bobbed up and down, 1080i had weird lines in it and 576i was the only one that worked without artifacts. Now it's running on 1080p and the bobbing that was present before has disappeared. I checked segments of recorded programs before I did the firmware upgrade and after, and really there is no comparison.Thank you for solving this" problem, the box is perfect now!" - On a side note: Let's debunk the theory firmware for freeview and non freeview is not interchageable. It gives the consumer an opportunity to decide whether they want series link ( minuses are slow EPG load etc etc) or ad skip function and copy via USB. Regards Stu
  10. Never did call you????? I was sitting across from dirk when you called - you stated you have a "Bad Line" Dirk offered to call you back. He hung up the phone, Dirk called me and began discussing the situation - no more that 2 mins later (while i was discussing this with dirk), you called back and complained that he hadn't called you back!!!.. Give us some time for goodness sake. Now you're making out as if we didn't get back to you. BS!!! Your story keeps changing, first you were using crap cables, used mast head amps, then internal amps, your TV amp was from tandy, now its a kingray, now you use only RG6 and to top it off you said your unit was working fine, then returned it. You said over the phone that you were not the Sergio that posted on this forum - that was "your neighbour" who happens to be called Sergio (your name is Serg). Your user name is melserg, the person who purchased the unit from us had melserg in their email address. - All of those points yoiu've retracted and modified to suit your argument.
  11. Would have like to keep quiet in this thread, however I feel its about time to clarify a few points. 1) You have 5 PVRs in your house running off a single antenna. Lets just say you have 80% signal strength to start off with. By the time you plug in 5 PVRs, and they are all plugged in at the same time, your signal strength would theoretically be divided between the number of active tuners your system entails. This would be technically true your Antenna had 5 outputs and each cable leading from your antenna was the same gauge and length and each PVR were single tuner models. Trouble is in many home setups -(I dare say such as yours), you'd likely have 1 cable running down from your antenna - split innumerable times, with varying length and gauge cable to your 5 PVRs. Now if any of those PVRs were twin tuners, the pathetic remaining signal strength the Twin Tuner PVRS receive would be split even further. 2)If this were an inherent fault, Im very sure EVERYONE would be complaining about the problem 3)Having read your notes posted here - it is obvious where the inherent fault lies : In your WAY overworked / under resourced Antenna / PVR Setup. 4)There is only one brand of Antenna Amplifier we recommend in your situation : Kingray Internal Amplifier - Anything less in our experience is a complete waste of time / money. We run at LEAST 5 Twin HD PVRs on a very poor signal (including 1 magic) with varying lengths of RG6 cable - however they are ALL the same gauge and type (RG6 Quad). 5) RG6 Quad core is the only antenna cable I would recommend in YOUR situation. Any out of the box cable you will find / purchase from a $2 shop is grossly insufficient in your circumstances. If you can't find a retailer who sells RG6 Quad, go to Jaycar or Electrical supplier, and BUILD YOUR OWN. 7)I hear the sorts of reception issues you are describing about ALL brands and makes and models of PVRs all the time with absolutely no trend to a particular make or model EXCEPT for Realtek units which really do have crappy quality tuners. 8)We have tested your unit in house and have found absolutely no fault or comparative weakness with the tuners - none at all. 9)Your Internal "Tandy" Signal booster needs to be replaced. If you DID purchase your TV Amp from Tandy - chances are its too old and not made for Digital TV (as Tandy has been closed for years). 10)Melsergs box is here now with damaged packaging and a few marks on the top of the box itself. We have tested it and confirmed it is 100% functional. If anyone wants a second hand, barely used MTV4000PVR we will sell it for $250 - please email admin@crazystu.com.au. Bowing out of this thread: now.