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  1. My 60" set has gone from tolerable to bad. It was only when I set up the 32" LCD next to it that I realised how bad it was. The set is over 4 1/2 years old but still under extended warrany. PES have quoted the job and the warranty insurer have just approved the work so I'll have to see what it's like after it's fixed. It's interesting that the technician who visited to check the set blamed the problem on the overheating of the colour filter because the fans get blocked with dust. He said the optical block would have to be rebuilt and the fans replaced. I know there would be some dust in there but you'd think if the overheating was that bad then overheating warnings would be coming up or the fan would jump to the high setting? Given that the set is 4 1/2 years old I was half expecting them to say it wasn't worth repairing. I spent some time on the Weekend looking at the 2011 Samsung plasmas and the D8000 series look very nice.
  2. After just over 18 months of faithfull service my 60" sxrd has decided to play up. A couple of nights ago the screen went blank and no sound. Then after a few seconds the power led started flashing. I didn't check the number of flashes I just turned it off then back on with the remote. It wouldn't do anything so I pulled the power cord and left it for a few minutes. When I powered it back up again it was fine. Well tonight it has done the same thing. The screen went blank the the power led started flashing. It was flashing 11 times. All the fault code lists I've seen only go up to 9. Anyone know what 11 is? I've played around with the set. Pulled the plug and when powered back up it's still the same. I have found though that the analog tuner is working and the external inputs work too. After a while the OSD and the menu started working again but they are slow to repond. There is nothing from the digital tuner so I guess that's the culprit. Luckily I took out the extended waranty with Bing Lee when I bought it so I'll call them up on Monday if I can't get it working in the meantime.
  3. My order that was sent 26th October via expedited finally turned up on 22nd December!
  4. After my first order sent 26th October was declared lost and the order resent, the replacement is also past the estimated date now too. I've emailed Amazon and of course they've asked me to wait an extra week. Looks like after waiting 1 1/2 months all I'll get is a refund and 2 foreign currency conversion fees.
  5. After waiting 3 weeks for my order, then being asked to wait one more, it still hasn't arrived! Sent an email to Amazon and they are going to resend them, but they have charged me again: So in effect they've charged my credit card a second time (without my permission) and now I have to wait god knows how long for the refund!
  6. All my previous orders that were sent expedited always arrived in less than 2 weeks, so imho waiting for more than 3 weeks is not normal. If it is considered normal these days then I will definiately not be paying extra for so-called "expedited"shipping from amazon in the future.
  7. I ordered some HD-DVD's from Amazon which were sent Expedited on 27th October. The estimated delivery date was today but there's been no sign of them. I emailed Amazon and they have asked me to wait until 26th of November now. If they don't turn up by then they will re-send them. If I'm lucky I might get them by Christmas. Last time I use Amazon.
  8. Picked one up at The Good Guys Prospect today. For some reason they are having a run out sale on the Topfield boxes so the 7000HDPVR is on sale for $799.
  9. I've had my 60" set since early November last year. It gets used every day and I have not had a shutdown to date. As for colour impurities, on a blank white screen there are very slight colour casts at the edges of the set, but under normal viewing they are not noticable.
  10. I recieved a second copy today. I assume it's because I registered using the PS3, then tried to sign in thorugh my PC and it didn't recognise me so I registered again. Same email, username, address etc though.
  11. I purchased a PS3 on the weekend which now sits next to my HD-A1. I've found the PS3 to be much quieter than the HD-A1. I went down to my local Big W to buy my first blu-ray movie. They didn't have much in stock and the only one I wanted that was worth buying or I didn't already have on HD-DVD was Hitchhikers Guide to the Galaxy. The picture on my 60" SXRD was stunning and equal to the best I've seen from HD-DVD. I think I'm lucky that the first BD movie I bought has great picture quality.
  12. I've had my 60" set for about a month now. I rarely notice the SSE effect now. I usually only notice it on large bright areas with low detail. If there is any detail, or even noise in the picture area, then SSE isn't obvious. When I hooked my computer up to the TV via HDMI it accepted the 1920x1080 60p signal straight away. The computer recognised it as a HDTV so I assume it set the timings accordingly. Maybe older video cards don't recognise this and so don't adjust the timings to what the TV can accept.
  13. I'm splitting the surround signal and sending it to the surround and surrounds back channels on my reciever.
  14. I've been reading the Sony Blu-ray player reviews on AVSForum hoping someone would connect it to an SXRD TV and set the output to 24p. I'm wondering if during the HDMI handshake that the player might see that the set can't accept 24p but will do 48p, and will then output this. Probably wishfull thinking.
  15. electronics-store finally sent me the tracking details today. Not much use when the player arrived yesterday webbsy has yours turned up?