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  1. It's the outer edge. i.e. The side (edge) of the lens with the shortest distance from lens to screen - hence results in the need for reduction of intensity.
  2. That is the funniest post i've seen for a while...
  3. My Foxtel IQ's PQ is slightly better than my HD STB..... But then, it is a................FOOTY
  4. Hi dkspratt, Black stretch changes the gamma curve at the dark end of the scale - For me this reduces gray scale accuracy, & I don't use it. I agree about the contrast setting, & never use it above 24. As for raising the CRT platform, I tried it, & for me, the increase in geometric distortion of line curvature between convergence map points was too large, & had to return to original position. I am playing around with other methods of overscan reduction though, & will report back when i'm happy (lens mods & re-positioning of guns). I also think lens flare could be better & am working on reducing this. Be very carefull with the mirror, as not only can it be scratched easily, but most chemicals over time will have a oxidising effect on the metalic deposition layer. Have fun! Tom.
  5. I thought the PQ of my 2000A was ok - until I actually COMPARED. I've even shorted out the output inductors on the component feed internally(slight increase in detail). But hope to replace it with an AUSID soon. I'd be very interested to hear how they compare PQ wise!
  6. Unless a tv is marketed as "HD Ready" at least, it won't accept a HD signal. There are many plasma's (& others) on the market that cannot accept a 1080i signal, & will only work with a SD input.. Then there's also many that downscale HD to a resolution far below the HD signal, which is not much better than feeding them an SD signal in the first place.
  7. Have a look through the WD5000 thread.... There's plenty of info there that would equally apply to the 7000. The 5000 is not good out of the box either - But has heaps of potential when tweaked.... I'm still tweaking mine - but now very happy.
  8. Hey glenncol, Just out of curiosity - How does the PQ of the AUSID box compare with the J35?
  9. There is no "bulb" - there are 3 CRT guns which should last around 60,000 hours - especially if not used so bright they hurt your eyes..
  10. Still have mine running v1.9. It's fairly reliable actually.... But not happy with th PQ. The Foxtel SD PVR has a better picture. Hopefully will be upgrading to the new AUSID box soon.....
  11. Well bugger me . I always thought it was the limited bitrate of the transmission stream that caused pixelisation..... Maybe this box has some fancy algorithms to detect & clean up pixelisation (?)
  12. I bet you that for Australia (at least), they will standardise on 1080i for those formats
  13. I must admit, I was not referring to games.....
  14. Whether the display device accepts it is not relevant. The point is there will be no SOURCE for a 1080p signal. The highest HD transmission standard defined in Australia for the time being is 1080i. Any HD recorded / recordable storage standard will probably also be defined for Aus as 1080i, therefore, your 1080p displays will only be displaying de-interlaced 1080i.
  15. I've seen the SONY - KPFW51M31, & it's a good "out of the box" rear-pro. It will display 1080i natively. As far as i'm concerned, unless your sitting 2 metres or less away, anything under 130cm is too small to really appreciate HD! Oh, & you will need a HD Digital Set Top Box to receive HD transmission....