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  1. I know burn in has been reported for LCD's, but i've seen LCD's used in IT environments with static images displayed for weeks at a time - with no resultant 'burn in' visible.
  2. I used to have clay face syndrome on my CRT RPTV. It's mostly in the processing. A few service menu adjustments..... Fixed!
  3. Some still do, some a little, & some not enough to mention. Unfortunately, people tend to lump all examples of a panel type into one bucket. I would suggest there's somewhat more variation in LCD quality between manufacturers (& people remember the worst examples) than Plasma.
  4. This debate could go on 'til the cows come home..... I've been an AV enthusiast for almost 20 years. I never watch tv with all the lights off, & can tell a good picture when I see it. Like any technology, some plasma's are better than others, & some LCD's are better than others. Life is about compromise. I consider the LCD I bought as being among the best of breed, with a very high quality picture - Regardless of benchmark. While black's are not everything, i'm happy with the blacks I get, & i'm happy with the picture quality. That's all any consumer could ask for! & although i'm not an 'average Joe' when it comes to AV gear, I bought an LCD anyway .
  5. It's the outer edge. i.e. The side (edge) of the lens with the shortest distance from lens to screen - hence results in the need for reduction of intensity.
  6. I agree (Just to throw the cat amongst the pigeons...) I spent 3 months comparing plasmas & LCD's for a secondary viewing area. I used CRT as my benchmark in all cases. The current generation Bravia's are now so close to CRT (even the wife agree's - & she's almost fussier than me!) It only takes the tiniest of backlighting to make blacks look REALLY black! Not to mention the lifelike picture quality. I recently had the unpleasant experience of "borrowing" a new LG plasma (yes, i know they're not the best) & the blacks were pathetic. Also the reflection from the phosphor made for poor blacks during the day as well - This is true of many plasma's.
  7. Pixels in plasma's don't lose the ability to produce true blacks over time. The pixels are "primed", which generates a small amount of light. This is there from new - You will (more or less) get the same blacks over the years. So - before you purchase, view the panels you like in the same lighting conditions in which you're likely to use yours. There is a promise of true(er) blacks on some upcoming panels however. LCD's on the other hand, are also getting closer to being able to block the backlight you mention, completely (or close enough to not make any difference).
  8. Does this mean I'm going to be the only person left on the forum with one of these Hitachi's !! Owen, how could you! Oh well, I have been thinking about jumping ship myself - Although, I have recently managed to tweak some improvement out of mine, so maybe i'll see how the sxrd's are going in a couple of months... I'd like to see whether you end up re-positioning the light engine in this baby! Tom.
  9. I can't believe this thread is still alive! Has anyone ever seen a technology go backwards in features/specs ? No. We will always see a trend towards bigger & better. So, eventually, SD will go the way of the dinosour. Then, a newer & better HD will be developed & what we currently call HD will become the SD of tomorrow! So...... What was my point again......
  10. I looked at dozens of of LCD's & the Sony Bravia came out on top. Blacks are now 'acceptable', even in dark scenes, & minimal ambient light. (Mine is now in the bedroom). From what I saw, most plasma's were not acceptable where ambient light was significant, due to the refraction of light from the phosphor causing dark scenes to be washed out - Just my opinion.... I agree with Owen's statement about size & resolution. Don't bother with 1080p at the distance & size you've mentioned - You would need superman vision to notice the difference. :-)
  11. Ditto.... (IMO) (Still enjoying my "ancient" CRT RPTV!)
  12. My sister in law had a similar set-up. HD STB with a HD LCD rear pro. connected via...... You guessed it - composite . The installer was recommended by Hardly Normal. There was a mixture of equipment, mostly using composite, even though all had at least S-Video capability! Took me a couple of hours to re-wire it all!
  13. HDMI is required to be HDCP enabled, whereas it is optional with DVI-D.
  14. According to the Dell AU site, the 30" is the largest monitor they sell here. It has a single DVI-D input. You would have to buy a HD Set Top Box with DVI out, & disconnect your computer & connect the HD box every time you wanted to switch sources... Or, buy a DVI switch box. Not the most convenient option IMO.... Digital vs Analogue are worlds apart. You cannot get widescreen broadcast through analogue.
  15. That rumour seems to make an appearance every 6 months or so......