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  1. I've got the 50vt30a. Sounds like it does the same thing as yours. Don't think it is the fan though. I was charging the glasses through the usb with the tv in standby. All was going well then it 'clicked' & the charging stopped. Must be an issue somewhere. Now I charge the glasses while watching tv.
  2. Glad to see the back end of mine. Never again. That one & only firmware settled it down for a while but then it started freezing & hard booting. Then I could not rely on the timer. Just about everytime it would not record. Had to manually press record. Then there was the noise of the hard drive spinning. Got a new panasonic blurau/pvr now the pvr section is 100% over dgtec. I did like the export feature though. Thought all of them would have it but the panasonic does not. Waiting patiently for someone to hack it.
  3. Delivery time for everbody loves raymond dvd box set with free postage, cost $75. Despatched Monday. Arrived Thursday. Still in shock.
  4. It was a HD160. Pages on it over here> http://www.dtvforum.info/index.php?showtopic=42788&hl= A firmware update calmed it down a bit but over time it basically packed up.
  5. After owning a dogitec pvr I will not touch them again. It was a piece of rubbish from the start & ended up being a worse piece of junk as time went by.
  6. I had an issue with a pana bluray/pvr player. Screen would go black but still got sound. diesel said to try & see what happens with 'viera link' turned off. Problem gone. Maybe something similar is going on with the TV.
  7. Great. Thanks for that Andys. Hopefully will all be set up by lunchtime today.
  8. Soon getting the pana 50vt30a which has four HDMI, one being ARC. I do not have a receiver for ARC. I have four devices that I want to hook up. 1/ 3D Bluray-PVR. 2/ Western Digital media player. 3/ DVD Player & sound system. 4/ Computer. Is it OK to plug in the bluray into the ARC HDMI?
  9. Bought the 50" VT30 at JB Fountaingate (Vic) today for $2790. Wasn't expecting it to be as yet but there it was. Original price they had on it was over $3400. Hopefully will show up Monday.
  10. Thanks diesel. Issue seems to be 'fixed'. Since turning off viera link it has not happened again.
  11. Yes that's right diesel. Once they turn off analogue it is basically just a screen. So until we get the new TV everything is thru the pana. When we lost the picture from the pana tuners we put in a dvd & got the same result. No picture just sound. The antenna stops at the pana so no antenna for the TV. Only other thing it might be is the firmware update but then others would be having the same issue.
  12. TV has HDMI so hopefully as you say being old it may be a handshake issue. This new pana as HDMI then AV. (Think thats what it is called. Cable is yellow, white, red) A bit more on it. When we get the 'no signal' it is what the TV is programed to show. When I unplugged the antenna from the pana the TV showed what the pana is programed to show. Hope that makes sense. We are getting a new pana TH-P50VT30A when they get released. Still hoping it was the viera link being on that caused it. Time will tell. Thanks for all the help.
  13. The sound system is a panasonic SC-PT850W. From the bluray/pvr optical out into the sound optical in. The HDMI goes straight to the TV. Will monitor the 'viera link' set to off & see how it goes.
  14. Just checked the viera link & it was ON. It is now off. Do you think that may be causing the problem?
  15. Sorry diesel did not see your post there. 1/ Connected by HDMI. Happened with both 1.3 & a new 1.4 cable. 2/ I think viera link is off but will check. 3/ TV is an old (about 7 years) LG plama 42". 4/ The antenna goes from the wall straight to the panasonic unit.