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  1. Hey Guys, its very strange that they wouldnt go lower than 3386 for the LC46D83X...I work for a mjor retailer and I can do it at $3280...just seems strange that they wont do anything for you... Regards, Adam
  2. Hey, yeah thats true, maybe we can have a what did you pay and where from a la Sony Bravia thread. Eg, Model: Price: Store:
  3. Hi guys...Weve got the Wiki for the best prices on HDTV'S just wondering if people can put the RRP for different Samsung Tv's and the going street price on the units... For plasma and lcd... Thanks in advance for your help... Regards, Adam...
  4. For those interested LG have extended there Giveaways on selected LCD's and Plasma's until the end of Feb, so if anyone is looking at purcashing an LCD or Plasma you can still get your rewards. Hope this helps potential buyers. Regards, Adam.
  5. Just had a call from the National Rep for Sony and they have just informed me that their board have now decided to change their tune and the will be honouring the PS3 as long as it is paid in full by the 28th of Jan...From what the Rep was telling me, they have had people calling up and threatening legal action... So for anybody looking at purchasing the PS3 there is no need to worry about recieving the PS3... That is today's update... Who knows what tomorrow holds.... Regards, Adam.
  6. G'day Tommy, spoken to Sony again today, and again they have not budged, if the TV set is delivered after the final promotion date (March 10th I think) they will no honur the PS3...This is direct from Sony themselves.. Regard, Adam [email protected]
  7. Hey Fil, As I have mentioned in other threads I work for a major retailer in Vic and the situation with the Sony Tv's isnt all that bright...At this point in time, Sony are not giving ETA's on delivery at all...Ive spoken to Rep's and also Vic Managers of Sony and they are not giving too much away at all...last time I spoke to them they said they were due in Mid April...We have 2 on back order for customers and they are shipping to us late FEB, but for new orders....who knows!!! I will keep everyone posted when I hear any further news... As I said they are not even giving a date of when they are due in... This applies to the following models KDL40W3100 KDL40x3100 KDL46X3100 hope this helps Regards, Adam [email protected]
  8. If your in the market for a 40W make sure the place to go has stock, new orders are due into stores MID - LATE APRIL and if the stock arrives after MArch 10th Sony will NOT be honouring the PS3... I work at a retail store in Vic and spent most of the day on the phone arguing with Sony about this but at this point in time if the goods arrive after the claims are due they will not send the ps3...So for potential buyers...beware....
  9. I agree 100% and thats what I was trying to tell Sony all day but they didnt budge, they said if they dont have the stock before the deadline then you wont get your PS3...I was amazed...I couldnt believe it at all and I believe it is wrong to not honour the PS3 as I reckon 90%+ of people will be buying the TV for the PS3!!!
  10. Guys, just a heads up, as a few of you know I work for a major retailer in Vic and I have been on the phone to Sony all day about the stock of the KDL40W3100...Sony are telling us that for new orders the stock is due in MID-LATE April.... Sony will NOT honour the PS3 if stock arrives after the last date claims are due (March 10th) So if anyone is looking to purchase a KDL40W3100 for a new order you will NOT recieve your PS3! Just a heads up for potential buyers Regards, Adam
  11. Im using the LG 250GB HDD Recorder Rh1999. Regards, Adam
  12. Yeah I have used LCD and plasma cleaner before and it seems to do a very good job...takes away any finger marks and other dust so I have good reports on the product...
  13. Quick question regarding Foxtel Iq, Everytime I try and record from IQ to my Recorder it stops and says Recording device found...Is there any way around this...There are a few things I want to record onto disc and im struggling to do it... Any help would be appreciated.... Regards, Adam....
  14. Hi, You can get specific LCD and Plasma cleaners from most retail outlest, I would highly recomend using these rather than anything else, rather be safe than sorry
  15. Sabs, what is your email address? I can get a good price for you if you are after the 52'' Sharp... Adam...