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  1. That is a great idea ,Thanx Guys....... Upon my search for various ideas, I have came to the conclusion of building my own from the ground up. I have found the Mach 5 SPL-15 15", though it states its for cars,DOES THAT MATTER, info please. If these are no good can someone tell me what good 15" drivers are out there that I should consider, and a quality plate amp that will provide 1000w(each) on tap to two 15" drivers(I have goooooogled,but I ask from the learn-ed) I would like to go down to about 10-12hz If these woofers are good for HT I will buy two, then have both tuned to handle different frequencies(someone else will have to do that) From memory,I think one of the HK dual subwoofers were tuned like that(the only one I have seen anyway). This will not be stated until after Xmas, but I always like to do the research ahead of time, so I know where my head is at. Is sound splinter woofers sold in Oz??? Your thoughts and recommendations are and will be greatly appreciated. Thanx again Rick
  2. Dont know whats happened????
  3. OK. I have a good 8" driver(might be 10" have to wait to measure, just laying around) and I thought that I could put it into the thor to act as a passive radiator( something like that). Then I would like to totally seal the ports. I dont know if this would be a wise move but I cant stop thinking about it,so I love to hear what people think of this idea Placement would be underneath the big boy, so it will still look the same(until you turn it on its side ) Has anyone ever done something like this before?? Thanks in advance to everyones thoughts and input Rick
  4. Both you Guys are right, I might give it a miss and wait for Rotel to replace the RSP1098, in which I have always wanted. I do want two pre/pros(One for main theatre,one for second viewing area), and thinking of getting Rotel Class D's next year. I do love the look of the 10 series models
  5. this thing is so slow tonight DDL post
  6. I am very Keen for the new Rotel, but if that is the true RRP then they can go Jump. The only thing I consider to be different is the internal decoding of the HD audio formats, in which I just picked up the sony 550 today for those duties Dont get me wrong, I love Rotel gear, I own the RSP1069,RMB1095,RB1080 and the RT1080 Tuner At $2700, I am there no probs
  7. Picked up my 550 today along with the panny DMR-EZ48V,But..... I am in the process of moving so I'LL have to wait to see how it performs What I am concerned about is the audio setting,considering this will be hooked up to my VP50(DVDO) then the Rotel RSP1069!!!......
  8. Hi Guys, Can someone please point me in the right direction or give me the name of the distributor I did gooooogle but I came up empty, apart from Pacific hifi(I think) Thanks in advance
  9. Its strange that a regional area is ahead of the rest (if I could say that) At the price of STB's I think by now All can have one......or more
  10. No problems to mention here,all is good,maybe the pauses coming from the broadcast(possibility)
  11. My RMB1095 and RB1080 and Rotel RT1080 Tuner's power lights are always on(RSP1069 SSP) whether on or off Protection lights light up on startup and then go out(about 3 seconds) All 12v triggered. Rick
  12. Who knows Vasili Hopefully soon!! But I find asking them you get somewhat contradicting answers