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  1. The B750 has the ability to use [email protected] through a wireless dongle also. Which to me, sounds good, and I cant wait to try it, but for some reason I cant see this lasting long, and samsung, who are notorious for promising stuff they cant deliver will probably stop it in future models.
  2. Wow, talk about no information. Sounds like they were told after the BD-P1400 profile upgrade debarcle not to promise anything, even if its a possibility. 'It has the ability to play Blu-ray discs, but it may not play the movie on the disc.'
  3. I apologise for starting this up again, I remember reading all the same comments about a year and a half ago. HD-DVD was the standard that should have been adopted, and lets just leave it at that.
  4. Hi mate. It is pretty bad for the price. I went from a Samsung 550F Hid def STB that was 3 years old, and the HD channels were immaculate. The XW300 has a lot of Jaggies, on both SD and HD channels. Pretty disappointed. Yes it has 2 HD tuners, but they really aren't producing a HD quality picture. Especially considering i have it hooked up to a Pana Viera Plasma. Terrible.
  5. You joking man, that scene with the unmanned sentry machine guns was outstanding, one of my favourite scenes in the directors cut.
  6. When I bought my upscaling DVD player last year and had it hooked to my pana plasma by HDMI, the Aliens DVD was really good. So I reckon the BD version will be good. But saying that, the BD versions of the Dirty Harry movies are atrocious.
  7. Its easy to corner a market that only consists of you. So any ideas when blu-ray will inevitably announce its failure, considering its taken them 4 years to achieve what HD-DVD did at its launch for half the price...........................Ok, I'm trolling and bored. I cant even remember starting this thread because I was drunk. Thanks for the responses though.
  8. Yup me too. Got one brand new off ebay for $730. Cant wait to start playing with it. Does this have DIVX capability? I've read 2 different things on the net. Can anyone answer this?
  9. Can anyone really tell me what blu-ray has acheived in sales this year? I guarantee you it wont be the amount the executives were asking for. The technology itself is still unfinished and is still very expensive for a player that can do everything that a HD-DVD player could do since launch. You can thank the yanks for this decision.
  10. I agree wholly and solely, yet they really have no leg to stand on now as the 12 months is over. It still may be worth writing to Panasonic or even calling them and telling them that it is unacceptable that a product that costs that much should have 2 problems within or just outside of 12 months. You would expect that panasonic would just bite the bullet and say, well, the problem is obviously the machine, heres a refund or the next model up. Thats wat annoys me about todays electronics retail businesses its not about pleasing the customer, its trying to save money by fixing a product that, in this case is obviously a lemon.
  11. Hi guys. My in-laws bought one of these for the outrageous price of $1300 a year ago, and it is now a paperweight. It didnt read Blu-rays after 3 months of owning it, the service centre replaced the laser. Now, 2 days out of warranty, it has done the same thing again. They have talked to Panasonic, and they have obviously gone with the 'Sorry, its 1 year warranty has expired, but if you pay for it to ship to our service agent, we will have a look at it for you, and then you can pay for the repairs if needed'. Talk about a rort. They are in their late 50s and they would have played around 12 Blu-rays in this player in the year they've owned it, I am not kidding. The DVD and CD section still works. As soon as you place a blu-ray in it, it makes a ticking sound, and then a screen comes up stating that the disc is the wrong type. All the discs they own are Australia Region, and the player is an Australian player. I updated the firmware for them today to 2.5 to see if that was the case, but to no avail. This is long winded, but my question is, has anyone else had problems with this player? And it seems quite terrible that you can pay $1300 for this technology a year ago, and it is now busted after minimal usage.
  12. Well mate, apparently the BD-P1500 from Samsung is supposed to have both, but it may have been another lie. Still waiting for the firmware upgrade like Eurpoe to get that function going.
  13. Mate, my BD-P1500 actually resumes after you press stop. Yeah, I was surprised too.
  14. Was looking to replace my DVD recorder and HD Tuner with something that combines it all into one. But, heres the catch, I want to pay under 500 bucks. Am I going too cheap for this type of technology? Considering that all of this stuff has been out for a few years now, why hasn't anyone designed a DVD plyer with A HD Tuner and a PVR that has DIVX and MP3 in it? If there is, can anyone recommend one, and where to get it? Cheers, Jayson
  15. Just a rehash from 2 days ago, I tried the pommy firmware on our 1500 version and it rejects it.