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  1. We're moving into the hotter part of the year, dunno if you'd sell a jumper for 23 bucks now.
  2. This is hilarious, these arguments were all pertinent when the rush for a HD player was on, but some moron voted for Blu-ray, and here we are. You guys do know that HD DVD was region free right?
  3. Still got a House of 1000 Corpses region A bluray that I am willing to swap for anything region free or B.
  4. I have a region A copy of house of 1000 corpses that i would luv to swap for the region b copy, anyone?
  5. PM sent for Revenge (the movie that is, not the action)
  6. Sorry, Fountain taken this morning, pm sent.
  7. PM sent regarding devil reject sale
  8. PM sent casino royale
  9. Hi, Bourne supremacy for ghost rider? PM sent. Jayson