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  1. I'll take the disk off your hands if it's still available. Will PM you Regards Mark
  2. For Sale... Time to make way for some new Blu's so have the following for sale: Windtalkers - Region B - $18 posted - Pending Blackhawk Down - Region ABC - $20 posted 300 - Region B Unopened - $15 posted - Pending Wall-E - Region B, 2 disc set - $20 posted The Shining - Region B, UK release - $18 posted Twilight - Region B - $18 posted Bolt - 2 disc edition, Blu Ray and DVD, Region B - $20 posted One Flew Over the Cuckoos Nest - Region B, UK release - $18 posted The Punisher - Region B (Region Free?) - minor tear on plastic cover - $15 posted Wolf Creek - Region B - $18 posted The Hurt Locker - Region B - $25 posted Men Who Stare at Goats - Region B - $20 posted - Pending All watched once unless otherwise stated and in perfect condition. Happy to consider fair trades too! Please PM Regards Mark
  3. Many thanks, pretty sure that is the model they have here too, now to justify the purchase (just have to look at the number of Region A locked BD's for sale in this forum and that should do it for me!). Sorry, last question, is it noisy? This will be sitting just under the telly and already have a PS3 which is a little noisy but nothing we can't handle. Someone else did say this was noisy (guess it has a fan in it, or maybe just the disk spinning?). Regards Mark
  4. Can you confirm the model number of the player please, my local DSE has these on sale for $178 and it sounds like I should be buying one. Guess the PQ is as good as any other player? Cheers Mark
  5. Hi Fellow Illawarrians, Discovered this afternoon that 7TWO on Prime is now available in Wollongong. Came across it by accident (Windows Media Centre told me it was there). Not sure if it is full time yet but its working at 1650 local time. And it must be twice as good as normal 7TWO....... it has 2 watermarks, '7TWO' in the bottom right hand corner and '7TWO Prime' in the top right hand corner! Regards Mark
  6. PM sent for Hannibal
  7. Thanks, just ordered on Amazon and it works out to AU$46 incl postage. Cheers Mark
  8. fifth element $15 PM Sent
  9. PM'd Planet Earth Thanks Mark
  10. Have PM'd directly, sorry about putting my response up here guys Mark Hi, I will have the Rambo's (all 4 of them) if they will play on my Aust PS3 (tried to read the threads on what is what but couldn't find an answer re Rambo). Many thanks Mark
  11. Hi Vin, I asked whether it was possible to get a 7 day EPG on 31 Dec 07 and got the following reply: "The TV is not capable of displaying the whole week of the EPG, this is due to when the TV set was released Free to Air TV only had a "now and next" EPG. The TV was only designed to work with this. There has been some recent changes to the EPG and how it works, the TV is not able to display the whole week. Some enquiries have been made overseas to see if there can be a adjustment made to the TV, if this is possible it will be released as a software update. Please keep posted on" No idea whether we will ever see one or not on our TVs. Regards Mark