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  1. For Sale... Time to make way for some new Blu's so have the following for sale: Windtalkers - Region B - $18 posted - Pending Blackhawk Down - Region ABC - $20 posted 300 - Region B Unopened - $15 posted - Pending Wall-E - Region B, 2 disc set - $20 posted The Shining - Region B, UK release - $18 posted Twilight - Region B - $18 posted Bolt - 2 disc edition, Blu Ray and DVD, Region B - $20 posted One Flew Over the Cuckoos Nest - Region B, UK release - $18 posted The Punisher - Region B (Region Free?) - minor tear on plastic cover - $15 posted Wolf Creek - Region B - $18 posted The Hurt Locker - Region B - $25 posted Men Who Stare at Goats - Region B - $20 posted - Pending All watched once unless otherwise stated and in perfect condition. Happy to consider fair trades too! Please PM Regards Mark
  2. PM sent for Hannibal
  3. Thanks, just ordered on Amazon and it works out to AU$46 incl postage. Cheers Mark
  4. fifth element $15 PM Sent
  5. PM'd Planet Earth Thanks Mark
  6. Have PM'd directly, sorry about putting my response up here guys Mark Hi, I will have the Rambo's (all 4 of them) if they will play on my Aust PS3 (tried to read the threads on what is what but couldn't find an answer re Rambo). Many thanks Mark