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  1. Hi, just would like to let you know, whoever interested to get Belkin Isolator as in the original post, JB hifi Macquarie Centre sells this item for AUD 150. I just bought myself one... Just tell them BetterIt (as in AndrewW's post) sells them for AUD 150, JB will match it.
  2. Hi Momosan; PM sent Hi boe707 PM sent Regis 169, can you give me your email address?
  3. Hi all I've been around for some time but this is my first post. Bought my tv from Myer Sydney City on 29 Dec. 46"X $3300 (including delivery) Delivered on 31/12 Paper sent on 3/1 Status: I RECEIVED IT TODAY!!! YEEII..!! I asked Sony to send the ps3 to my office because I'll be going overseas tomorrow for a month and was very sure the PS3 will arrive while I'm abroad. Just returned from a meeting at 10.30 and got a note on my desk from reception saying that's a parcel for me. I thought it was just a regular package that I normally received but when i Opened it...there it is.... a PS3!! I've been very happy with the TV and will be more happy after today... Anyway, would also like to say thanks to everyone in this forum... you guys providing very good information for a newbie like me.... Thanks guys and keep up the good work.... Don't tell my boss but I'll be sneaking out from office after lunch, hahahaha....