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  1. For sale. $20 each incl. post The Boat That Rocked - AU - region free ? The Man with the Golden Gun - US - region A Sunshine - US - region A Please PM
  2. Hi highdeffer I've already sold the title. Thank you for your offer. L.
  3. Kung Fu Hustle (au - region free) sale pending Gosford Park (canada - dvdprofiler says it's region free) Both unsealed. $18 ea, includes postage Please reply by PM
  4. Wow - thanks for the heads up - my order's in! Lucky it was payday this week
  5. That would be greatly appreciated so the rest of us don't have to read about it in this thread.
  6. For Sale. Post included. Please PM. Batman Gotham Knight $22 (US region free) Kung Fu Hustle $20 (AU) Legend of Zorro $18 (UK) SOLD Pixar Short Films Collection Vol. 1 $20 (AU) (cardboard cover very slightly squished on one corner) SOLD Sweeney Todd Steel Book $30 (UK) (very faint scratch on Helena Bonham Carter's forehead - as received from amazon) SOLD
  7. I have the AU release of this available for $20 including postage. Mint condition. Lea
  8. Spider Man 3 for sale $24 Region free UK release Opened but not watched Trade offers will also be given due consideration! see wishlist on my blog Please PM
  9. PM sent re Dark City
  10. For sale: X Men 3 Last Stand. Au release. Watched once - mint. $24 Please PM.
  11. For Sale: Behind Enemy Lines $24 SOLD Region B. Watched once. PM please.
  12. For sale: Hellboy UK release, sealed, $20 incl. post. SOLD