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  1. I just thought the cambridge would be a better processor and if I ever need to use it purely as an AVR then it could hold its own...
  2. it is about 6cm shorter in depth which is fine for my doors to close, however I did want something that is more recently spec'd (HDMI 1.4) and better processing and power than my current onkyo 875. if it can drive my speakers without the NAD power amp then great. I guess i am just over the onkyo - massive unit and gets very hot...... i am struggling to find many users of the 751R with anything similar to the Krix
  3. found a good deal on the cambridge audio 751r - thinking this may be enough to drive my speakers (without the power amp) - while my set up is in a small family room. Anyone had any experience with this AVR? some poeple in the stores have said that the low current amps (CA, Arcam, Rotel) would drive the Krix speakers with no problems, but it would always be best with a dedicated power amp. Any thoughts?
  4. That was the first thing I thought of, however the length of it can;t change if i want to have the Neuphonix next to them, and my Seismix 5 subby. could buy a deeper cabinet, however I thought with a new AVR I would also get HDMI v1.4 and other more recent advances in technology with it. and YES, it would be cheaper to get a new cabinet. cheers.
  5. Hi all - was wondering if anyone could help here. For the past few years I have been running my Krix Neuphonix, Epicentrix and Equinox speakers using an Onkyo AVR-875 as a pre-amp to a NAD T975 (the onkyo by itself couldn;t drive them properly. The NAD powers the speakers very nicley, however they are both beasts of machines, and sitting in my cabinet, I can't close the cabinet doors. I was wondeirng if there is anything on the market today, an all in one AVR that would be suited to these speakers and drive them properly wihout the need for a separate power amp? Budget would be up to $2k-2.5k. Would the new Pioneers or anything in Marantz, Cambridge Audio drive ghese speakers properly? Any help would be great. Thanks
  6. Does anyone know of there is a TAP that allows u to change the view of the EPG so that one channel is displayed with all shows shown from top to bottom? It is like the EPG on the Panasonic plasmas...the current topfield 7160 EPG only allows left to right viewing. Also - anyone else find it hard to specifically find TAPs that they want? there isn;t a decent system for sorting out what the TAPs actually do. cheers.
  7. Great - thanks for your help. Not enough items to warrant the price increase. Will grab the 7160 today. Cheers.
  8. Looking to get the 7160, but not sure if the 2400/2460 is worth the increased price. Not fussed for the PVR to be connected to the net, but I do like the IR and price point of the 7160. Do the Masterpiece models (2400/2460) actually offer better quality parts or better TV tuner? Or besides the extra USB/eSata, wifi and ICETV support, they are the same? Cheers.
  9. hi guys - looking to buy the Toppy 7160 soon, JBs said best price was $430. the sales guy also told me that the intelligent recording will continue to record a program even if it runs over time/changes time etc.. is this true? Also, he said that when you play back a recording, the ads are all edited automatically, is this true? And also, he said you can export a recording to a HDD and the file is a .MP4 file which can be played on anything right this true? Any other major drawbacks for this model? Appreciate your help. Cheers.
  10. Finally received my 3 copies of Tron 4-disc (3D) today. I did complain to Amazon that it took so long considering I paid for expediated delivery, and it took alot longer than standard post, so the good chap at Amazon refunded me the entire amount for all 3 copies (thought they would only refund me the shipping costs). So 3 copies for free....great customer service, I will continue to shop at Amazon now.
  11. Still waiting for my 4-disc 3D version that was shipped via expediated shipping with i-parcel. Never again doing this.... My copy of Taxi driver that was sent after Tron, and via normal standard shipping arrived yesterday.
  12. My i-parcel tracking shows that it is still in the US - is that tracking service even reliable??? What did you tracking staus say? Cheers.
  13. I ordered the 4 disc 3D set from Amazon with expediated shipping and it hasn't arrived yet. Anyone else still waiting for their's? I'm in SA. I did notice some people recived thieirs on Fridayi nthe Eastern states, with expediated shipping as well. cheers.