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  1. I just did a test run, Matrix Trilogy 14.38 pounds, The Ultimate Bourne Collection 14.99 pounds (both New and sold by Amazon UK) these are check out prices.
  2. The offer ends May 15, 2011 for free shipping.
  3. I know that Amazon sends its just did a test run, came to $275 USD posted with (2-5 day shipping).
  4. I cant figure out why this sold for so much Lost Blu Ray Set I just did a test run on Amazon UK came to $160 posted, about $200 Courier Posted.
  5. Thanks for all the replies. Would this scanner do the same job as the one listed in this thread. Thanks
  6. Target has the 4 disc set for $25.;pageview=two From Thursday.
  7. Can this work on games as well? Thanks
  8. I'm waiting for a dvd to arrive, it has almost been 2 weeks or 10 business days since it was sent, dont know what the hold up is. It was in stock when I ordered it and it took 11 days to send it.
  9. Can we list Dvd bargains here at all? I noticed the Dvd section doesn't really many updates. There are some good bargains on dvd as well.
  10. $13.99 (ships in 4- 6 weeks).
  11. The 25% of sale is on now. Coupon code HOTSTUFF. Is there any Blu ray bargains worth getting from DD?
  12. My shipments used to take about 1 week, It has passed two weeks now still waiting for it, what has changed? I see free shipping for more counties has been added recently.
  13. I thought cds were region free?
  14. has anybody else noticed that has raised the prices of there shipping to Australia?
  15. Terminator Salvation. $6.25 (out of stock) atm 2 disc set.