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  1. It's outputting native 1080p resolution since my TV is native 1080p, so I assume it might have something to do with resolution changing or timing with the movies and XMB?
  2. Hi there, I'm just wondering if anyone has encountered something like this. I've got my ps3 slim connected to the Bravia z4500 LCD via HDMI, now sometimes when I exiting a dvd or blu-ray movie playback to the XMB the screen flashes for a second showing something like a blotch of yellow lines , then it went back to normal. Does it sound like electronic interference to you? I've tried two different HDMI cables and all resulted the same. Funny thing is I never had this on my Phat 60gig, only on the Slim. Help and suggestions would be very appreciated guys.
  3. Sometimes the lines appeared much duller like greyish, I hope it's not something that's doing damages internally. Thanks for the reply.
  4. Hi everyone, it has come to my attention that my Bravia Z4500 is making a flash of white horizontal line at the bottom of the screen for a split second when switching between HDMI and TV channels. I'm using a $80 HDMI cable for connecting the TV set and ps3, I've tested the same setting on my friend's Z5500 and there wasn't any flashes of white lines. It doesn't happen during viewing sessions or gaming at all but only when I switch from HDMI to TV or vice versa. Has anyone come across this before and is this normal to you? Please let me know your thoughts thanks! Also worth mentioning is that the lines flashes when ps3 is changing display resolution, could this be the nature of picking up different resolution signals?
  5. Hey folks, I'm just wondering if any Bravia Z owners can help me here. I've got my 46"Z and whenever I switching channels and HDMI inputs the screen flashes with white lines on the bottom half of the screen for a split second, then everything stays normal. Is this a HDMI sync issue or something else? I have the problem in a separate thread http://www.dtvforum.info/index.php?showtopic=76668 Any thoughts?
  6. Hi everyone, lately I replaced my old Bravia X with a new 46"Z, all is good till I noticed something weird. Whenever I switch channels and HDMI inputs I notice a split second flash on the screen with horizontal white lines near the bottom half. Then everything stays fine. The TV is connected to PS3 and Xbox360 all via separate HDMI cables. Do you think it's some kind of HDMI sync issue or the TV is faulty. It doesn't cause major problem but it's not normal. Any suggestions would be very helpful thanks.
  7. After a few hours of running the TV and turning it off, I heard the clicking sound again. I believe this has to be a heating and cooling issue like some of you suggested.
  8. Well I still have the clouding issue not sure if that's related somehow, though I dont see any rainbow artifact. The clicking sound happened this morning when i turned it on but didnt hear it when I turned it on just then. I'll see how it goes tonight and hope it would finally stop.
  9. So are you saying the pressure will gradually fade as time passes? And are you sure it wont cause any internal damages? Thanks very much for the detailed heads up.
  10. Yeah, it's coming from the back, definetly not the speakers.
  11. Hi everyone, few days ago I've replaced my Bravia 46 with a brand new LCD panel due to clouding issue "though it still remains on the new panel", but now I've discovered a new issue. I hear a series of clicking or popping sound when I first turn on the tv and also when turning off. The sound last about 15-20 seconds though it never happens during watching. The sony repairment guy told me that it's normal for a new panel to make that sound sometimes and should last about a week's time. Well, granted it's only the 3rd day but just want to know does it happen to anyone else here? Should I trust sony's advice? Thanks for any inputs.
  12. Hey folks, I bought my 46X3100 on last year March and apparently I have the clouding issue like some of you guys. So I called Sony few weeks back and two technicians replaced it with a new panel today. But guess what, the clouding remains and I remain pissed. Gonna ask for a new set this time and should that fails I'll definetly try to refund my 4k back.
  13. Call European Electronics on 03 9553 4300 if you live in Melbourne. That is the Sony repair center Im currently claiming with, though it's best to call Sony first and tell them to give you a Ref No. and direct you to EE for replacement etc, they're pretty helpful in terms of service.
  14. Hey, I'm in the exact same boat as you mate, also owner of a KD-L46X3100 with clouding issue. Sony only granted me to replace the front panel but not the entire set, how cheap! So I'm little worried how reliable this fix is, I much prefer the panel is intact with its original backend and base. So I dont know if I would do that or just keep the original "cloudy" set. hmmm.
  15. does anybody know braviaX series support "Full RGB HDMI" on ps3? i put it on "Full range" with my 46x3100 and it makes the picture darker and in some ps3 games really dark. i had to turn on the brightness to 54+ to see more details. is it recommended to turn it on full range or limited?