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  1. Agree with Youngstar. HDCP handshake issue. Happened to me before. Try turning on the projector first, followed by your receiver and last your Bluray player...Let's see how it goes.
  2. I'll go for SADE, The best of. Love the voice. Listen to "You're Love Is King" and you'll be amazed....
  3. Just been to BigW. Got Man on Fire, Robocop and Pulp Fiction for $19.72. Won't give me 'UP' for today. Was told to come back this Saturday.
  4. Hi guys, Does anyone know the contact details of Arthur (email or mob no.) please? Thanks a lot.
  5. Hi Guys, Thanks very much for all your input. I tried last night to give it another go to check what's really going on. Turned the power on on the CD player and receiver. With the toggle switch on the power amp in the off position (up), I turned on the power for the power amp. Waited for 10 min before loading the CD and start. After 2 - 3 min of playing, the power (power amp) shut off. Feeling helpless, I put the volume down and I didn't turned off the power amp. Instead, I flicked the toggle switch in the on position (down) and the power came back. I found it strange because I didn't have any connection on the 12v trigger jack. I spent another 2 hours listening to my CD's and the power amp is still on. The power amp is not heating up, it's just warm. But I can still hear intermittent distortion on the left speaker but if I have to put the volume up, the distortion goes off. I tried to listen to my CD's again this morning without changing the settings. I have to wait 15 min before starting the listening session. So far it's ok. Watched a movie and it went fine. I'll continue testing the unit for the rest of the day and I'll let you know of the result. But I still have doubts in regards to reliability and performance of this unit. a. Do you think guys it's the toggle switch causing the problem? b. Do you normally turn on your system for a while before starting your listening session? c. Do you really have to put the volume up to eliminate distortion which in my case distortion happens in low-volume listening session? This is my first time to use a power amp in my home theater system but unfortunately I felt kind of disappointed in the whole experience considering the unit is not cheap. I contacted the seller about the situation but the seller won't agree that the unit is faulty. I even offered him a suggestion to split 50-50 the cost of repair but to no avail. I thank you guys again for your input and I'll keep you posted.
  6. Hi guys. I've just got a used Elektra Theatre power amp from ebay. I've connected it to my Yamaha RXV-1900 receiver via the pre outs. I did checked all the connections first (speaker & pre out jacks) before turning on the power. After 1 min, the power just turned off. I turned off the power amp and turned on again. I've noticed there's no signal coming out from right speaker and the sound coming out from the left speaker is distorted. I've turned the volume up a bit & I can hear now the sound coming out of the right speaker. The sound from the left speaker is intermittent (on & off situation). I kept on listening to my music but the power amp just turned off again. Is there any issue of compatibility here? Is the power amp not getting enough power from the wall outlet? What is that toggle switch at the back of the unit? I've tried using the power amp with the toggle switch in 'on' & 'off' position but to no avail. Up to this time, I've tried turning on the power amp 5 times but still the problem is persistent. Any ideas or suggestions from you guys would be greatly appreciated. Thanks guys.
  7. PM sent.
  8. Hi everyone. I'm planning to sell my two gears as stated above. Any idea how much are they worth at the moment? Cheers
  9. Hi, I've sent you a PM.
  10. Hi. Where are you located?
  11. Is it true Sony is offering the first 20,000 customers who purchase any Full HD LCD TV in the BRAVIA range from the 16 March, a BDP-S550 Blu-ray player valued at $649, absolutely free? Just heard it from the guys at Dick Smith.
  12. Hi TLB. It's almost sold out. What you do is call up the no. 1300 360 111 and ask the operator you want to reserve a copy of the HD DVD version of Planet Earth. He's gonna ask your details including your c/card which is the accepted mode of payment. I was charged $29.95 for the HD-DVD plus $7.95 for postage and handling to Sydney. Not bad for $37.90. I'll receive my copy by Monday 31/03.