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  1. Not sure we're getting the UB700 here, but the UB400 and UB300 are due in June.
  2. Have you tried sending q6supvr a message? Unless he/she has turned off notifications they'll get an email. You may need to get your post count up to 5 to send a message.
  3. Looks like the projector is R of the centre of the screen and turned to the left to compensate. I presume the W1110 doesn't have horizontal lens shift. Can you move the projector to the left or the screen to the right, then turn the projector on its mount to line up with the screen? After this you may also need to re-level the projector horizontally. It's often easier to get a rectangular image on the wall then put the screen in place.
  4. Much less cost to just move the mount and wiring rather than buy a more expensive projector and take a loss on the W1070.
  5. Depends on the weight, but I'd expect some decent length wood screws should be fine, just ensure you have 50+mm penetration into the stud after allowing for the depth of the unit and plaster. I'd also use washers to spread the load - never know when kids or pets will climb up.
  6. You could use mesh for part of the doors and/or add a PC fan underneath with holes/ducts
  7. This and the whole beta release of the 203 makes you wonder if Panasonic poached some of Oppo's tech staff.
  8. Looking at past listings here: $1500 $1200 (repaired, so not sure why seller went so cheap) $1600 So agree $2K for a very early unit seems too high.
  9. I haven't used these ones, but Speakerbug is a reliable seller in my experience.
  10. Postage isn't a game changer, particularly if you can bundle with something else as I do. Amazon US is consistently delivering within 2 weeks for me nowadays, even on the cheapest shipping.
  11. I agree the price will probably drop (albeit there's no guarantee), but the current high local price when combined with a release date that's 7 weeks after the US makes the US release a no-brainer for me. Don't get me wrong, I'd prefer to support local distributors/retailers, but when they're not competitive on time and price I'm not going to be bent over for the "Australia Tax".
  12. Logan, local release date 12 July, JB wants AUD$49.98 versus US release date 23 May, Amazon asking US$24.99. It's like a stupid test by the local distributors to see just how far they can go. Let me answer by raising both my middle fingers to them.
  13. This is definitely an option - your UB900 supports this. If you go the new AVR route, consider Anthem, Denon/Marantz and Yamaha. I'm a former Onkyo/Integra fanboi, but their dreadful reliability and cheapskate 1980s room equalisation nowadays is a joke. Cambridge Audio also seems to have reliability issues with their recent AVRs. Pioneer, you'd want a mighty good price as future support may be an issue. If you want the best of both worlds a Denon X3300 (which has the higher end Audyssey XT32 room correction) and a used Elektra amp would be a good option.
  14. OP says he has a new for old replacement policy - no mention of any age limit (which some do have). It's not like insurers don't charge extra for this sort of cover, so I'd be holding them to their word.
  15. Yes, I understood that they are class D, so in the order of 90% efficiency. The Elektra option is still my first recommendation. If you're in the market for a new one I can give you a source for a good price.