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  1. I'll wait for the next 20% off sale. Apparently it's a bit of a mixed bag of a transfer - some good, but a few short scenes that are abysmal quality.
  2. Option 1 will double the impedance - you'll get some reduction in volume that might be fixed by tweaking the trims. Your AVR may run hotter. Option 2 will halve the impedance - if the speakers are all 8 Ohm (real 8 Ohm, not just nominal) you'll probably be safe. If all are 4 Ohm you'll then have a 2 Ohm load and you 4311 could emit the magic smoke.
  3. The Oppo mod is DIY, the Samsung is soldered - Gattiweb are an option.
  4. 3.3m will give you a little more brightness with the W2000 (probably not needed). If you go 3.3m you may be a little too close for many projectors e.g JVC. At 3.3. how will you go for fan blade clearance?
  5. A very generous offer Dylan - great to see. With the above installation the W2000 cannot be any further back than 3.9m from the screen for a 120" 16:9 screen.
  6. There's one pair on Gumtree - as always, watch for scammers.
  7. Good to hear you've got it sorted Bernie.
  8. Not sure if there's a Melbourne dealer - suggest you PM or call David
  9. I think Wavetrain Audio is the local rep - member Wavetrain here on the forum aka David.
  10. Given your earlier problems were sorted with the new receiver, this sounds like a disc compatibility issue - probably with your player. Might be worth having a look over on AVS to see if anyone else with the Samsung has the same issues.
  11. I've got an X500 and Panasonic UB900 - to be honest it varies from disc to disc (noting that you can't get HDR with an X500). You'll also need something like a Monoprice Blackbird or Integral to provide HDCP 2.2 compatibility, plus upgraded cables and I'd also recommend a player that can convert HDR to SDR correctly (the UB900 is currently the best for this).
  12. OK, you may need to contact LG support with details of which discs (including whether local or overseas versions) aren't recognised as HDR (and mention that some are being recognised as this would seem to exclude an issue with settings). Sounds like another firmware update may be needed.
  13. Blackman it sounds like the TV isn't recognising some discs as HDR enabled. Is your TV's firmware up to date? I see there's a nearly 800Mb update from 7 April on LG's local site.