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  1. I am having a similar issue, up until about 2 weeks ago everything was fine with the reception on my 3 plasmas. Now all channels tend to start breaking up and pixellizing when watching programs. Aerial is about 15 years old, but was doing a good job up until recently. Will a new antenna help rectify the problem? Cheers
  2. Hi Frank, Send me an email at craig.owen63 @ and I will email version to you. Cheers Craig Update: Frank, I have your email address from another post. Will email it to you now.
  3. I have just replaced my standard foxtel box with the IQ but I find that the remote seems very sluggish. When arrowing down the menu it seems to not respond every now and then. I have changed the batteries in the remote and reset the box. Any body else having similar problems or an have an answer how to resolve this.
  4. Managed to pick one of these up from Harvey Norman's [Mt Gravatt Brisbane] for $145 yesterday without too much haggling. They have a sale price on them of $168.
  5. Was at JBs MacGregor today and there was a customer in store and also one on the phone chasing the 605 but unfortunately they had no more stock left. Looks like there is still a lot of people chasing this unit. Had mine installed for nearly 2 weeks now and very pleased with the performance through my Jamo A340's. thefarmer63
  6. There is a copy of a receipt for $681 on page 12. Cheers thefarmer63
  7. Ask for Ken at JB Hi Fi at MacGregor. Cheers thefarmer63
  8. Picked mine up today as well from JB Hi-Fi Macgregor for $681, they also mentioned to me that cost price was $760.
  9. One of the JB Hi Fi stores in Brisbane has one of these little babies on hold for me, pick up later on today. Didn't even hesitate when I asked if they could price match the $681 as per receipts posted on this forum. Thanks a lot everyone. thefarmer63
  10. Hi interweb66, Are you able to mail me a copy of your receipt. cowe2508 at bigpond dot net dot au thanks thefarmer63
  11. Can anybody email me a copy of their receipt for the 605 for around the $700 mark. Would be greatly appreciated. cowe2508 at bigpond dot net dot au Cheers thefarmer63
  12. I've copied some photos onto the hard disk but when I play them back they are stretched and seem to be pixelated, no very sharp at all. Anybody know how to achieve better results. cheers thefarmer63
  13. Just picked up one of these units new off ebay for $168 (unwanted gift). It is actually called a Humax Smart PVR Plus. This unit allows you to connect up to your TV via component. So have connected it up to Pio 50" plasma via component and the picture is absolutely stunning. Still no Chaseplay or padding on this unit. Very happy with purchase though. System Status of my unit: Hardware version: PVR9200T REV 1.0 Software version: APXTFP 1.00.01 Loader version a 4.62 System ID 3021.1000 Update Date 27 May 2006 thefarmer63
  14. Great news as I have just purchased one of the Smart-PVRs...keep us updated.
  15. Thinking of getting one of these TVs for my son for xmas. He mainly wants to play his xbox and run his PC through it. Can anybody let me know if this unit has any issues displaying both xbox and PC or any other suggestions on a recommend screen for the same price would be greatly appreciated. cheers thefarmer63