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  1. Has anyone got an opinion on this TV (Toshiba Regza 42SL800A). I can't find any reviews. It will be set up in a well lit room so I don't want a glossy screened TV. It also fits my cabinet. HN online have it advertised for $699 which seems like a good price if this TV is any good. Any comments appreciated.
  2. Thanks for the tip on the Panasonic U30. This would have been the go, but it is a bit too wide for the cabinet. The TV has to be less than 995mm wide. The Panasonic TH-P42GT30A will fit but costs more. Anyone know if the anti-reflective louvre filter helps in a bright room and what should I expect to pay for this TV. Any comments are appreciated.
  3. Hi all. I am interested in this Tv and would like advise and comments if anyone has this TV or has experienced it. I can buy the 42pt250 at "OO" for $489.95. This appears to be a bargain and the tv will fit my cabinet. Does anyone know what the picture is like in a bright room? Any comments will help.
  4. Thanks prl. Do you know if the TF2400 and DP-P2 are future proofed for Mpeg4?? (I am not sure if this is needed but I have seen it mentioned in these forums)
  5. Hi to all you helpfull PVR enthusiasts I need a good value DTV PVR with AV in that can record from AV in and watch DTV at the same. Better still if it could record from AV in and DTV and watch another DTV channel at same time. Time shift and skip function is also important. I have checked the new HiMedia HD500b-td but I don't think it can do the above. So what is out there that can do all?
  6. Thanks Scotia for the link. Some good info there. Anybody got some opinions on the Hd500b-td or something else with the same specs?
  7. If anyone has got one of these, can you please let us know if your happy with it and if it does all it claims.
  8. Specs look good. Anybody tested out one of these yet?
  9. The Good Guys (Casula Muir's) NSW is the store where I bought my TV (TX-32LXD700A) and is not listed. The field to insert the store name is gone, you get redirected to this ([email protected]). Has anyone else got this problem?
  10. I have been resurching 32inch TVs and I have got it down to 2 models. LG 32LB9d or Panasonic 700a Has anyone seen a good price for these, and does anyone know of any bad issues with them. Anyone know about pixel warranty?
  11. Is your Xbox still for sale? If so, what is the manufacture date of the Xbox and what brand of dvd drive does it have? Will the drive play all types of media ( like cdrs for example).
  12. I have recorded a 2hr movie in HD using a leadtek dvt2000h on my pc. It ended up 25gig in size (mpeg). I then tried to watch it on my Xbox with XBMC networked to this PC but playback was choppy. The cause of this could be the limitation of the network connection due to the size of the movie or the cpu on the xbox not fast enough. Converting the movie to divx format reduced the size to 1.4gig. This took my PC about 5hrs to complete (slow). The movie now plays back smooth and looks great. Recording in SD plays back smooth without any converting. Hope this helps.