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  1. Hi All Was wondering which antenna I should buy. I live on the beach side of the railway line at Hallett Cove in a valley, so recepetion is poor. My original 20 year old antenna was on a 15 ft pole, and analogue TV was hit and miss, digital was perfect apart from the ocassional drop out from channel 10 and one. I am hoping to get away with a eave mounted new digital antenna with a mast head amplifier (the big pole with all the guy wires was a real eye sore, but will revert to it if required). So any recommendations on Make and Models of antennas and or amplifiers? Thanks in Advance
  2. Does Stream baby still work with Tivo - last I heard a Tivo update killed it ...........
  3. Foxtel Supplies a HDMI cable? When my IQ2 was installed, was told that I would have to pay extra for an HDMI cable .........
  4. Thanks Erasmus for the offer - Found out one of my relatives from Melb is driving down next week to Adelaide, so going to get them to purchase a Tivo there for me - so having to take a gamble on HNP staying the same price :-)
  5. Hmm - Good Old Adelaide behind the times again. Went to JB and Good Guys yesterday at Noarlunga - best price was $699 with the wireless adaptor. Told them that people interstate where getting this deal for $600, they said not possible to do a deal like this in SA. So, my question to them was you are both part of national chain\buying group, so no doubt your cost price is the same as interstate - couldn't get a straight answer, other than they could not be expected to match interstate prices. What, is postage\delivery per Tivo unit $50 more to Adelaide from the manufacturer? Would ideally want to purchase today in case the HNP package goes up to $200 tomorrow - so anyone have a cheaper receipt in Adelaide? Cheers
  6. Thanks - Exactly what I needed to know Cheers
  7. Hey All Just after some quick short answers without trawling all of the threads for the next three hours Do you have to have HNP to transfer files from the Tivo to your PC? Do you need HNP for StreamBaby to work? How well does StreamBaby work over a decent wireless interent connection when playing avi movies? Thanks In advance Guys
  8. Thanks Harry - Things are starting to make sense now. By the sounds of things, the EPG is cached when you surf other channels. I am guessing that my TV does not have a 'cache facilty', hence why i does not 'remember' the EPG from other channels. Reading LG's response again, think they understood my question, and did not tell a lie in their response, just neglected to explain why it is possible on other hardware devices - clever people :-) So - as a cache would require some form of hardware, I am guessing that any firmware update, if it exists, would not fix the problem. What a pain, but still not a major inconvience.
  9. This Is The Response I Got From LG Unfortuntely we cannot control how the EPG works or is displayed it recieves information from the broadcasters and will only display that information. The 7 day EPG will again be channel specific but not available till march sometime. Can someone confirm wether any other HD Set Top Box shows other channels EPG's?
  10. Well, I complain on the Friday, then Monday, the DVD\Video player turns up - Hooray! And I spoke with LG, apparently my holiday stuff has been posted, so I should get the details any day now.
  11. It seems some channels to proper wide screen, yet others like Discovery and How To broadcast in 4:3 - and widescreen programs on these channels have the black bars top and bottom - really annoying!
  12. Just wondering if anyone has received any of the Bonus's offered by LG yet? I purchased my Plasma in Early Dec, and promptly sent off my forms and receipts the next day for the bonus VCR\DVD player and holiday. Several weeks ago, I received a letter from a PR company asking to resend some details in regards to my Holiday, which I promptly did, and that is the last I heard of it. On checking the orginal conditions and information about the bonus goods, they say they will begin dispatching in January, but expect delivery to take up to 10 weeks, then I check the website yesterday, and they now say deliveries will start in Feb and will take up 10 weeks. Going to follow up with LG today, but wondering if anyoen out there has heard or got anything yet. Cheers
  13. Interesting - this must be a LG wode problem as it is happening with my 42 Plasma, but not quite as bad as mentioned above. For example, if I am on any channel 7 station, the EPG will show for all channel 7 channels, but no others. But if I am on any channel 10 station, all cahnnel 10 EPG's will show, but no others .... Slightly frustrating - Will contact LG today knwoing that other people are experiencing the same problem.
  14. 2 months in - and I am still happy with my LG Only several small problems No PIP (although I realised this when I purchased it, and none of the competiors in thsi proce bracket had it, but now I have had it a while, you realise how much I want this feature, especially with the cricket on!) Second problem - the EPG only populates when you are on that channel - ie, now this could be my TV reception, as my signal is not the best, to the point I barely receive Analogue. Finally - Has anyone receied there Bonus stuff - I am still waiting for my DVD|VCR combo and Holiday PS - one reason tat I think that LG does not recieve many reviews and comments here is that the search engine does not allow you tosearch on two whords ie LG --- so Moderator - can we make an exception for good old LG? Cheers All -
  15. Ditto - Would love to hear from someone that has the AR702TS. It seems to have all the features I need, within Budget, and having a LG PLasma and LG DVD recorder, the idea of using one LG remote for all is appealing.